Friday, May 5, 2023

Toddler Quiz

 Hey everyone,

    I have seen this over Facebook before but my oldest was only a baby then. Now that he's almost 4 this summer, I decided to do this Toddler Quiz with him and see what his answers would be.  It was fun and interesting. I recommend you doing this with your toddler, preschooler or even kindergartner. 

  1. What's your name? Grayson
  2. How old are you? 10...Umm.. in 6 year buddy. Don't rush your childhood.
  3. When's your birthday? Yesterday. Not quite!
  4. What's Mommy's name? Mama
  5. How old is Mommy? 20. He thinks I look young :) 
  6. What's Daddy's name? Daddy
  7. How old is Daddy? 10
  8. What is your favorite color? Blue
  9. What is your favorite food? Peanut Butter. That's not the answer I was expecting. I thought he would either say cheese or Macaroni and Cheese.
  10. What is your favorite thing to do? Paint. I know they do paint at school.
  11. What are you scared of? Snakes
  12. What makes you happy? Me. He makes himself happy.
  13. What do you love? I love mommy. Aww.. I wasn't expecting that answer either, but I love it.
  14. What is your favorite animal? Moo/Cow
  15. Where's your favorite place to go? School. He does love going to school and riding the bus.
  16. Who's your best friend? Mama. Aww. I love him!
  17. What is your favorite movie? Police Officer
  18. What is your favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He sings that song to his little brother. 
  19. What do you want to be when you grow up? An ambulance ... an EMT?
  20. Who is your hero? Me Me. You are always your own hero.

Again, I recommend you doing this Toddler Quiz with your toddler or young child; toddler to kindergartner age range.

<3 Amanda 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Life Changes!

 Hi everyone,

My life has had a lot of changes this past year, some good and bad. It wouldn't be life if we didn't have any bad times.  I will also tell you about the life changes that I want to change/in the process of changing.

The first life change was back in the fall of last year. I found out that I was expecting again! I was due in May of 2022. Around 21 weeks we found out that it was another boy, We quickly decided on a name. We did have a boy and girl name chosen, so we just checked choosing the baby's name off of our to do list. Baby Kade made his appearance on May 16th, 2022! We are in love with him and big brother loves him too.

Life change #2 was that we got married November 13th,2021, making us almost married for 1 entire year. Time sure does fly by!  Grayson was the ring bearer but ended up falling asleep minutes before the ceremony so my husband's best man just held him during the whole ceremony. 

Life change number three was that Grayson started going to early headstart. He really loves it. He runs into the building and runs to his classroom. Since going there he has learned a ton and has been doing a lot of new things, We are however still working on potty training but its getting there. In the fall, he'll actually be going to 2 different centers. One of them he will actually be riding the bus to and from home. He'll love that for sure,

The last life change that I have is a really devastating one for me to talk about. On July 18th, 2022 my mom sadly passed away due to Parkinson's Disease. She was diagnosed in her 40's and she passed away when she was 61 years old.  Last fall, she was moved into a nursing home and about a month or 2 before she passed she was on hospice. They weren't giving her too long but she proved them wrong!

Now the life changes that I want to change/ in the process of working on are working on my blog more. If you guys have any ideas of posts let me know down below. Also eating healthier/being more healthier in general and promoting my Scentsy more (more about that in another post). 

<3 Amanda  

Get To Know Me Aagin Tag

 Hey Guys,

I thought it would be fun if I created a "Get To Know Me Again" Tag since it has been awhile. I came up with the questions myself, so feel free to copy and paste them onto your own blog post. Lets go! :) 

1. Favorite color?  Pink and turquoise (close enough) 

2. Favorite number? 7!

3. Favorite thing about being a mom? I love everything about being a mom. Now being a mom to 2 little boys, one of my favorite things is seeing them interact with one another. Yes, they may only be 3 and 3 months but I can tell that they have their own unique interactions. 

4. Favorite book? I don't think I have a top favorite book but recently started reading "Every Thing, Every Thing" By Nicola Yoom

5. Favorite singer? Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood

6. Favorite TV show? I haven't really watched shows beside like Blippi and etc for a while. Fuller House and Castle were good shows.

7. Favorite movie? Hmm... That's a hard one.

8. Favorite social media? Facebook and to be honest Tik Tok (@amandaleigh1990)

9. Favorite author? I don't have a favorite author. If I can't get into a book within the first 2 chapters than I probably will stop reading it.

10. Favorite sport? Playing: Volleyball   Watching: Probably football

11. Favorite school subject? English and my worst subject was math.

12. Favorite quote/saying? "You never know what others are going through, so don't judge"

13. Favorite quality about myself? My thoughtfulness

14. Favorite season? Spring and fall

15. Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate 

16. Favorite thing to do when I have free time? To be honest, sleep (when the boys are both napping at the same time)

18. Favorite store? Target, Five Below and Children's Place

19. Favorite beverage? Water 

20. Favorite candy? It depends on my mood, It could be chocolate or something gummy.

<3 Amanda

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Where Have I Been?

 Hey guys,

As you can see my last post was from August which feels so long ago because it really was that long ago. A lot has happened during these last few months. Personal family drama happened, we moved states, I got into a new relationship, I got broken up with, etc. I have decided to get back into blogging because I really do love it, and also possibly helping others smile or get over something after reading a post of mine. This year is just going to get more interesting so be on the lookout for more blog posts.  I have a ton of posts ideas in my head that I'm excited to bring to you all. If you have any suggestions or tags you would like me to complete and post, leave them down below in the comments!!

<3 Amanda 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Back To School Memories Tag

Best Back To School Clipart #25883 -
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Hey guys,

I can't believe it's already August. It feels like this year is flying by but also not at the same time. Growing up,  I believe we always started school at the end of August. One of my favorite seasons is fall. Not because of going back to school fully but because all of the new school supplies. I thought it would be fun to create a back to school tag for graduates!

1. What year did you graduate high school? 2009
2. What was your favorite subject? English
3. What was your least favorite subject? Humanities (Math would be a close second)
4. Did you have a favorite teacher? I had a lot of favorite teachers :) 
5. Did you have any teachers that you just disliked? Yes, who didn't?
6. Did you play any sports? Track my junior year 
7. Did you like going back to school? Yes and no. I liked getting new supplies. 
8. Were you ever tardy? Umm... Yes
9. Did you ever get suspended? Not out of school suspension (OSS) but in school suspension (ISS) for being tardy too many times/unexcused absences.
10. Did you go to any dances? Homecoming, like once
11. If you had the chance, would you ever go back to high school? Yes and no

<3 Amanda 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Birthday Gifts Ideas For One Year Olds

Hey guys,

My little boy recently turned one year old, which I can't believe! I had a lot of fun coming up with his birthday theme and decorating. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of pictures of the decorations but I was enjoying my time with my son and celebrating him! His theme was "Crayons/Colorful". I chose that theme because my son has given me purpose in life. I'm not saying that I didn't have a purpose before I got pregnant but now I have a more powerful purpose in life, and that's to be the best mom I can be to my son.  He has made my world colorful since finding out that I was pregnant with him. This year, I won't lie, brought some struggles and some frustrations but I just look at him and he makes me smile. I do everything for him. He, of course, had a cake and then his own separate cake which he surely enjoyed that, He needed a bath before he opened his gifts. I decided on just doing snack/candy type foods to make it a lot easier on me because it was just me hosting. I had M&M's, Skittles, Starbursts, Rainbow Goldfish, Gummy Bears, Frooties and Keebler's Rainbow Chips Cookies. For the beverages, I had three different flavors or Hawaiian Punch, Hugs for the kids, and water bottles. 

These are all of the toys he got for his birthday. He also got a lot of cute clothes. I'll list them and if I can find a link, I'll attach it.

LeapFrog Dino Friends Delightful Day Book (Target)

I hope this post helps you if you're on the search for a gift idea for an one year old! 

<3 Amanda 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Top 5 Things in my Diaper Bag I can’t Live Without

   Fisher - Price Morgan Quilted Diaper Backpack - image 1 of 10

Hey guys,

When I was pregnant, I wasn't sure if I wanted a diaper bag that I would have to carry or if I wanted a backpack type diaper bag. I decided on a backpack diaper bag because I would be going to appointments by myself and thought that would be the best idea as I would have to carry a car seat, my purse and a diaper bag. I actually ended up just putting what I needed for that appointment for myself in the diaper bag which made it a lot easier.  I ended up deciding on the Fisher - Price Morgan Quilted Diaper Backpack which my friend bought from Target. I chose the black one since it would go with anything plus nobody knows the future so if one day I have a girl, I can use the same diaper bag. 

When my son was just born until I want to say a month or two ago, these were the things that were helpful to have in his diaper bag. Since he's a year now, these things has definitely changed so I'll be doing a what in my diaper bag with toddler soon. The things that I had in my diaper bag may vary from someone who breastfeeding, has more than one child and etc. 

1. Diapers and Wipes: I would think whether age your baby is you would have diapers and wipes in your diaper bag. I tested out a few different brands; Luvs, Kirkland, Pampers, Parent Choice and Huggies. The brand of diapers that I found out worked the best for my son was Luvs and also Huggies wipes, but really any brand of wipes. I usually have 5 diapers(just in case and just to have some in the diaper bag so I'm not packing it every time.

2. Pacifiers: I usually had at least 1 or 2 pacifiers because my son used to hate being in the car especially when the car wasn't moving but when he had a pacifier, he was content. Also, I had pacifiers for after shots at doctor appointments because what baby loves shots.
3. Bottles: This is an obvious thing because babies have to eat no matter where you are, and having a bottle handy,for example, after shots is helpful to calm them down.

4. Burp Cloth-  After you feed your baby their bottle, you have to burp them and sometimes they might burp up some milk so you got to be prepared.

5. Extra clothes: This is an important one! You never know what will happen while you're out Your baby might spit up, get too warm/cold, have a diaper leakage or even more "fun" (joking) a blow out. 

What item(s) can you not live without in your diaper bag? Leave a comment below.

<3 Amanda