Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reason for starting this blog

Hello to everyone who has taken the time to read this post. I decided to begin this blog due to having some personal/family issues, and I felt like I needed some sort of outlet because life has been stressful for the last month or so. My life was flipped upside down on March 30th. I thought I was loved by some family members but turned out, they don't love me and apparently has always disliked me for reasons I'm not sure about. I'm not going to give out the full story due to personal reasons and even though I have been hurt by these people I'm not going to give out names,just except their part in the family.

On this day a month ago, I was kicked out of the apartment I was living in with my mom and younger brother for basically no reason whatsoever. Even though it's my mom's apartment, she let my aunt and grandma take over. My mom didn't say one single word! They said I had to be out in a hour with all of my belongings or my aunt would throw all my things in the dumpster. She also said if my dad and I came back to the apartment, they would call the cops on us. What hurt me the most was when I was leaving the apartment for the last time, my mom didn't say one thing to me;no apologies, I love you, nothing. I later found out why I was kicked out, and the reasons were all lies. It was like they made stories up about me just to get rid of me. From that day forward, I no longer have a biological mom. I'm perfectly fine without having a mom as you'll read about down below.

So of course, I needed a home and I stayed with my dad for 2 weeks but then he also had plans arranged to move out of the state in the end of April. We were terrified about what would happened to me. My dad would never throw me out on the streets and I would never survive on the streets. My cousin and her husband graciously opened up their hearts and told me that I have a home and that it was with them. My cousin's husband saw how much I am a daddy's girl and how I needed a father figure near me and has taken the role of my Godfather(but I call him my dad #2). We both feel like we needed one another and that this happened for a reason. He has some personal issues with his own daughters (which I'm not going to get into,so please don't ask) and I needed a father figure near me.So we both gained what we needed; a father figure and a daughter.  My cousin has also taken the role of my Godmother/mother figure. 

I'm happier here then when I was living at my mom's. I feel loved, encouraged, supported and most especially wanted here. I finally have my own room after 5 years. I'm content with having no mother because I have two amazing dads who loves me a ton, are very protective of me and I'm told I'm daddy's little girl to both and also a great Godmother. My mom, aunt and grandma probably thought this would ruin me but it just made me stronger. 

<3 Amanda