Saturday, July 21, 2018

This OR That??

Hey guys,

I have seen this type of video going around on YouTube and I thought why not make it a blog post.
  1. McDonald's OR Burger King? BK! Chicken Fries & Fries!!
  2. Jeans OR Leggings? Leggings!
  3. Flip-flops OR Tennis Shoes? Flip-flops during the summer and then UGGS in the winter.
  4. Summer OR Winter? Summer,but more preferably fall;not too hot/not too cold
  5. Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate? Milk Chocolate
  6. Dogs OR Cats? Dogs
  7. Glasses OR Contacts? Glasses; I don't think I could put something in my eye.
  8. Tacos OR Pizza? Pizza (Pepperoni).
  9. Pen OR Pencil? Pen! I just write better with pens.
  10. Candy OR Popcorn? Candy, I don't like popcorn.
  11. Pop OR Water? Water. I haven't drank pop in forever.
  12. Pancake OR Waffle? Pancakes 
  13. IHOP OR Denny's? IHOP
  14. Morning OR Night? Night, I'm not a morning person.
  15. Movie at home OR At theater? Depends,but more likely movie at home
  16. Chocolate OR Vanilla? Chocolate 
  17. Rain OR Snow? Rain, I dislike the cold.
  18. Hamburger OR Hot dog? Hot dog
  19. Comedy OR Horror? Comedy
  20. Banana OR Apple? Banana
  21. White OR Wheat bread? White
  22. Chocolate OR Gummy candy? Chocolate
  23. Math OR Writing? Writing, I dislike math
  24. Swim in a pool OR Lake? Pool
  25. Long hair OR Short hair? Hmm..Medium hair
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<3 Amanda 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

15 Tips For Going Into High School


Hey guys,

So, I know it has been a few years since I begun high school..okay...maybe like 12.. I graduated high school in May of '09. I remember going into high school because who doesn't? Back then, I was the shy student so I was a little nervous how high school would be for me. In middle school, we had 6 different classes but the school only had one floor while the high school had two floors. If you're going into high school or even still in high school, these tips can still help you.

  1.  Be yourself. It's a lot easier making friends that way because you show off who you are truly and others can see that.
  2. Don't change for anyone-any friends or especially guys. If they are your friend then they should like you for you.
  3. This is something that I didn't do too much but join groups and sports aka extra-curricular activities. I helped backstage for a musical in my freshman year and then did track my junior year. Today thinking back, I wished I joined more extra curricular activities. 
  4. Use a planner!! Planners help you stay organized and on track really well. Your planner should become your best friend that reminds you of tests and quizzes that are coming up, assignments that are due, sports practices, and other important information. 
  5. When you're done with an assignment, highlight it so you know that you completed it. 
  6. Use flashcards to study for vocabulary or other important key terms/concepts.
  7. Make the flashcards colorful so they are appealing to look at. 
  8. Grades are not just important in your junior and senior year. Your G.P.A is from your entire high school years.
  9. If you don't fully understand something, ask your teacher if you could come in early or stay after school for additional help. I had to do that a few times when I was in high school.
  10. Take the electives that YOU want to take and not just because your friends signed up for those electives . If you don't like art but your friends are taking art, don't take art. Sign up for electives that interests you, and that's another way to make new friends.
  11. Try to not be tardy or have too many absences (especially unexcused ones) because then you'll miss a day or that class and feel behind because you missed learning and information that happened that day.
  12. Follow the dress-code!
  13. Don't get involved in the drama that happens in high school. I actually transferred schools the beginning of my senior year due to the drama (I can write a post on that). If you see drama, just walk away from it. It's useless and just cause more drama and it will continue. 
  14. Remember that these are only 4 years of your life, and they go by fast.
  15. High school prepares you for college (whether you go to an on-campus college or an online campus). If you don't keep track of your assignments, grades and etc. in high school, then any type of college might be a little bit tricky for you.
What grade are you going into this year?

<3 Amanda

Monday, July 16, 2018

Favorite TV Shows "Now" (2009- June 2018)


Hey guys,

For me when it comes to new shows coming on these days, I either like them or I don't.  I have compiled a list of the shows I really liked. Yes, most of these are unfortunately not on anymore but you might be able to find them either on Netflix, Hulu or possibly Freeform for a few of them. Let me know if you ever seen any of them, which I'm sure you have seen at least 1 of these shows. I'm going to briefing talk about them without giving any spoilers away just in case you want to watch them. I'll start off with Freeform (ABC Family) TV shows

Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017): This is a show that I didn't begin watching at the very beginning. I saw one of my brothers watching it and it looked good, so I started watching it. I finished the series along with soo many other fans and I didn't want it to end because I really liked it. Since I didn't watch it from the very beginning, I went back and re-watched the entire series. In any TV show, you have your favorite characters/actresses & actors. My favorite cast members were Lucy Hale (Aria), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Ian Harding (Ezra) and Holly Combs (Ella). Lucy Hale is also a good singer. You should check her out on YouTube, Spotify or ITunes. Fun side note- when I have a girl, I want her name her Aria. I think that's a cute name.

Switched At Birth (2011-20117): This show was interesting to me because I've never knew that this could happen in real life. This show wasn't based on a true story but it made me wonder "How could something happen like that?" I liked that although there was drama in the beginning, they all came together as a family. My favorites were Constance Marie (Regina), D.W. Moffett (John), Lea Thompson ( Kathryn) and Marlee Matlin Melody).

The Fosters (2013-2018): This is a show that I have to be careful about because it recently just ended so there are people that are probably still watching it and I don't want to spoil it for them. All I am going to say is if you haven't watch it, you should. It's a great show. My favorite people were Teri Polo (Stef), Sherri Saum (Lena), David Lambert (Brandon), Amanda Leighton (Emma), Denyse Tontz (Cortney),Meg DeLacy (Grace) and Nia Peeples (Susan). 

Fox Show

9-1-1 (2018- ) I personally could never be a cop, firefighter or an EMT but this is a good show to watch.This show shows how they all work together to help people and keep them safe.  I am happy that season 2 will be starting in September.  In this show, I like Peter Krause (Bobby), Angela Bassett (Athena), Oliver Stark ("Buck") and Connie Britton (Abby).

Netflix Show

Fuller House (2016- ): Okay, I first just want to say that if you were a '90 child you probably watched Full House because who didn't.  I was one of those kids who had to watch Full House because it was my thing to watch. When I heard that they were coming out with "Fuller House", I knew I had to watch it. I saw it as Full House was the younger generation for us '90 kids and now Fuller House is for us now because now we are not the younger generation anymore. We basically are growing up with the show, if that makes sense. I love their family concept and that they are always there for one another. Same as like on Full House, my favorite person was Candace Cameron Bure (DJ). I also like Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), John Brotherton (Matt), Andrea Barber (Kimmy), Adam Hagenbuch (Jimmy) and of course,John Stamos (Jesse), Dave Coulier (Joey), Lori Loughlin (Becky) and Bob Saget (Danny).

Cancelled TV shows

Glee (2009-2015): If you like musicals and singing, you most likely watched Glee because it was like a musical/singing in every episode. I couldn't be on the show because I can't sing for the life of me. One thing that I liked about this show is all of the different friend groups and clique all joined together. Lea Michele (Rachel), Matthew Morrison (Will), Naya Rivera(Santana),Dianna Agron (Quinn), Chord Overstreet (Sam),Cory Monteith (Finn) and Jayma Mays (Emma) were some of my favorites. 

Parenthood (2010-2015): One reason why I liked this show was because of Lauren Graham (Sarah) and I think she's a good actress. I like this show ,also,because it shows how a family should be. Yes, there are misunderstandings and arguments but they are always there for one another. The other cast members I liked were Monica Potter (Kristina), Erika Christensen (Julia), Sam Jaeger (Joel) and Peter Krause (Adam).

Finding Cater (2014-2015): My brother got me into this show and I liked it. I again wanted more. It's about a girl that finds out that she was kidnapped at a young age and then gets reunited with her real family. I liked Cynthia Watros (Elizabeth), Alexis Denisof (David), Kathryn Prescott (Carter), Anna Jacoby-Heron (Taylor) and Zac Pullam (Grant). 

Castle (2009-2016): This show was on the top of my favorite list. If it was on Netflx, I would re-watch the entire series. It was about an author going to "work" along a detective on cases. If you watched Castle then you probably liked the connection with those two. My favorites from this show were: Stana Katic (Kate), Nathan Fillion (Richard), Jon Huertas (Javier), Seamus Dever (Kevin) and Tamala Jones (Lanie).

Do you have a favorite TV show from 2009-June 2018? Leave them down below so if someone needs/wants a new show to watch, they can check the shows out that are recommended. 

<3 Amanda 

New Facebook Blogging Group

Hey guys,

Are you a blogger? If so, this is the post for you. I created a blogging Facebook group called I love blogging 101 and you can find it by clicking here. I like being in these types of groups and I decided to create my own and make it how I want to and decide which days mean what type of social media or topic. Come check it out.

<3 Amanda

Outshine: Non-Dairy Strawberry Banana Frozen Fruit Blend Review

Hey guys,

Do you have a favorite dessert? Do you prefer ice cream over frozen yogurt? I prefer ice cream but I found this while ordering groceries online and I thought why not, I'll try it. This is the new Outshine Non-dairy Strawberry Banana Frozen Fruit Blend, which is Banana Based (also the other flavors as well).

Made with Real fruit
Serving Size- 1/2 cup (90g)
Serving Per container 3.5
Calories 80
Sugar 18g
Vitamin C 20%
No high fructose corn syrup
No artificial colors or flavors
No GMO Ingredients

In my opinion, it's okay. I mean it's good but if I had to choose between non-dairy ice cream and this, I would probably choose ice cream. But, if I was wanting to eat healthier then I would prefer this because it's made with real fruit.  There are other flavors as well besides Strawberry Banana. There are: Berry Blend, Sunrise Blend and Tropical Blend. If you're interested, click here, to check out their other products.

Have you tried this new treat? What did you think of it? Do you have a favorite flavor? Let me know down below.

<3 Amanda 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Songs That I'm Loving July 2018

Hey guys,

If you're in the search for new songs and/or new artists to listen to then you should definitely keep on reading this post because I will be sharing the songs that I've been loving.


  • "She's With Me": High Valley
  • "Getaway Truck": Aaron Watson
  • "That Look": Aaron Watson
  • "Light It Up": Luke Bryan
  • "The Rest Of Our Life": Tim McGraw  & Faith Hill
  • "Jealous Of The Angels": Jenn Bostic
  • "I'll Find you": Lecrare and Tori Kelly
  • "It's Quiet Uptown": From Hamilton
  • "Quarterback" : Kira Isabella 


  • 4Troops
  • Kane Brown
  • Beauty And The Beast Soundtrack (The one with Emma Watson,2017)
  • Little Shop of Horror Soundtrack (New Broadway Cast,2003)
  • Evan Hanson Soundtrack (Original Broadway Cast Recording, 2017)

Let me know the songs and artists that you are loving down below, because, I'm always looking for new songs and artists to listen to. 

<3 Amanda 

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Sad Fires Of 2018- CA, UT,AZ & CO


Hey guys,

I first want to say that if you live in either California, Utah, Arizona or Colorado that I hope you're safe, and if you have family and/or friends who live in those states that they are safe as well.  I have lived in Michigan my entire 27 years of life. I don't recall any fires happening here that are happening in the extent in those states so I don't understand the scariness of everything happening but my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in those states.

You never hope that your state is under fire. When you get the news especially if you have to evacuate , you have to gather up your most needed and precious items that you own. Looking around my room, there are only a few things that I would grab if I had to evacuate because things can be replaced but people and pets can't. Again, I don't remember a fire occurring in MI. Yes, I do remember a straight wind storm happening when I was younger but the fear wasn't like what so many people had to and continue going through. If I got the news that we had to evacuate due to a fire, I would grab:

  • Important documents
  • My purse
  • My high school diploma and my college degree- I worked so hard for those especially my college degree.
  • My grandma's stuffed dogs and my grandparents' anniversary plate- They have passed and that's all I have left of them.
  • Pictures- Never would have those memories in picture form again.
  • My laptop and my phone

What would you grab if you got the call that you had to evacuate due to a fire or other weather hazard?

<3 Amanda 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Summer 2018 Tag

Hey guys,

If you're a blogger like me, sometimes you run into writer's block when thinking of a post to publish. A fun way to get my creative mind going is to create tags. Tags can be about anything you want them to be about. Here's my summer 2018 tag.

  1. What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? Hanging outside with others if it's not too hot, and swimming.
  2. What is your favorite summer beverage? Plain water or Sparking Ice water
  3. Beach or pool? Pool
  4. Do you normally get tanned or sunburned? Sunburned 
  5. What is your favorite summer footwear(flip-flops,slides, birkenstocks,etc)? Flip-flops
  6. What is your favorite summer movie?  "Dear John", "The Last Song" or "Greta"
  7. Anything planned for this summer? Spend time with my boyfriend and hopefully find a job
  8. What is your favorite song about the summer? "Honey Bee" Blake Shelton, "Sunshine and Summertime" Faith Hill
  9. Do you like summer thunderstorms? Sometimes, as long as we don't lose power
  10. What's your favorite summer outfit? Shorts and a tank top or t-shirt

I hope you enjoyed this short summer 2018 tag. Feel free to complete the tag yourself if you have a blog or YouTube channel.

<3 Amanda