Sunday, December 17, 2017

Father Takes Toddler Daughter Out On Dates Is NOT Creepy

Hey guys,

I was just on Facebook one day and while I was strolling down my news feed I noticed an article that read "Young Dad Takes 4-Year-Old Daughter On Monthly Dates Even Though Critics Say It’s ‘Creepy' ". I clicked on it because I thought that it was cute that the dad takes the daughter out on monthly dates.  Here's a little background to the family:

Caitlin and Noah found out that she was expecting when she was 18. Most young expected fathers gets scared and leave but not Noah. They now have 2 cute children(a daughter and a son) and are married.  Every month, he takes his daughter out on their monthly dates. She gets all dressed up, receives flowers from her dad and then go have dessert at a restaurant.

When I read that some people say that it's creepy to go on monthly dates with your daughter, I fully disagreed with that.  I think it's a great idea because her dad is showing her how she should be treated by future boyfriends and then a husband.  In the article, it said that Caitlin plans on having the same kinds of date with her son when he gets older. I think that's another great idea because boys should also know how they should be treated later in life when they have girlfriends and then a wife.

I don't know Noah and Caitlin but from this article, I can tell that they are great parents to their children, and they shouldn't stop doing monthly dates because that's an amazing idea and bonding time.

Smith, L. (2017). Young Dad Takes 4-Year-Old Daughter On Monthly Dates Even Though Critics Say It's ‘Creepy’. Retrieved December 16, 2017, from

What is your opinion of this story? Do you think the monthly dates are creepy or sweet?

<3 Amanda

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Candy Club Review (Coupon Code)

Hey guys,

Earlier this year, I decided to try out 4 different subscription boxes and Candy Club was one of them. If you love candy and like different kinds of candy, then I'd recommend this subscription box to you. I like candy but I'm not a huge candy fan. I recently canceled my account due to financials and I still have 6 containers of candy from them.  Here is some information about Candy Club:

  • Monthly Plan: $29.99/month (Plus shipping)
  • 6 Months Plan: $24.99/month (Plus shipping)
  • 12 Months Plan: $21.99/month (Plus shipping)
  • There are many choices to select from.
This was my last box that I received:

Normally I would have 3 containers but I'll get into that down below. When you open the box, there will be some paper over the top of the candy.  This time I had some Easter grass looking papers. I'm not complaining because my favorite color is pink and I'm sure I can think of something to do with the paper. 

In each box you receive, there will be a random candy spread over the top of the box. I have had Smarties, Atomic Bombs, Jaw Breakers and this time I had some Peppermint Salt Water Taffy.

I pre-ordered the 6 months plan with 3 different kinds of candy. This time, I chose Albanese® Gummi Christmas Trees And Snowmen, Reese's® Peanut Butter Dipped Pretzels and Hershey Kisses® Red Foil. The Gummi Trees and Snowmen were okay. I'm not a fan of cherry/strawberry flavored candies so I just gave those ones to my dad. The Reeses Pretzels were really good. I definitely recommend choosing those if they are available to you. I also chose Hershey Kisses which I used for my boyfriend's sister's Christmas present. 

When you purchase a plan, choose which candies you want, Add candies, Share candies (Twitter, Facebook) and rate the candies that you chose, you earn points and since I was planning on canceling my account, I used my points. I had enough points to add another candy to my box which I decided to add Le Grand® 4 Piece Truffles With Pink Ribbon Petite which I decided on adding to my boyfriend's aunt's Christmas present. 

In each box, there should be some nutritional cards about your candy that you picked. So, if you like candy but trying to eat healthier, they are nice to have, 

If you have a candy lover in your life, this is a good idea for a Christmas gift. You can choose the different candies each month or somehow make the candies available for them to choose. If you want to order Candy Club for a Christmas gift or for yourself, click here.  Here's a coupon code they sent me:

 Use coupon take15 to give you $15 off your first box

What is your favorite kind of candy; chocolate, sweet or sour? Let me know down below!

<3 Amanda 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Blog Posts Ideas For 2018

Hey guys,

I'm starting to make a list of blog posts for 2018 and I wanted to ask you what types of blog posts would you like to see from me. I need more ideas and I thought why not ask my readers what they would like to see. Please leave me ideas down below and I'll do my best to post them next year.

Thanks in advance!

<3 Amanda

Gift Ideas For College Students- Online Or On Campus

Hey guys,

I am here once again with a gift idea post and this one is focused on some ideas on what to get a college student for Christmas whether they attend an on campus college or an online college. I just completed my bachelor year from an online college so some of these items I didn't use that often since I wasn't going back and fourth to college or leaving in a dorm room.

A planner:

I used my planner to not only to list my seminar days and college assignments, but I also write any plans I have so I would have it all in one place.  I think any type of planner is a great item to have with you to keep you on track with homework and especially things like projects and finals.


This is an item that I didn't use as much being an online college student but I know that college students have a lot of papers for each course.

Any college student needs notebooks to take notes, write drafts, and work on homework. For example, I think I went through at least one 5- subject notebook for my college algebra course.

Index Cards:
Index cards are a great tool to use starting in middle school to study for quizzes, tests and exams. In college you go through your share of index cards.

Pens,Pencils and Highlighters:

Highlighters are another useful tool like index cards. If you need to remember specific things for an assignment or test, highlighters are your friends. Having different color pens makes note taking more fun and better to look at while studying, like the BIC brand. If you want to make your notes pop out more and be more bright, then I recommend the Paper Mate Flair Pens. The pencils that I recommend are the Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils (0.7mm lead)

White Out And Mini Stapler (And Staples):

These are two items that can easily fit into a pencil pounch for those emergencies. If you are writing out a paper and you notice a spelling error, you can quickly white out it. And also, if you go to print out an essay in the library but a stapler is no where to be found, no worries, you have one in your backpack. 

Sticky Notes/ Page Flags:

Sticky notes are my favorite. If I don't know exactly when something is happening, I write it on a sticky note and it easy to move from date to date in my planner. Also, if you have big textbooks and you need to remember different sections to read, just use a page flag to mark the sections. 


I don't have a picture of my headphones as they have recently broken in the past 2 months and I haven't gotten time to purchase another pair.   Headphones are a great item to use whether you're at a Starbucks, a library, in your dorm room or just at home working on homework.  There are so many different kinds and brands of headphones. If you don't know that much about technology, check out this website and learn about which brands have the best Noise-Canceling Headphones. They tested 13 highly respected noise-canceling headphones which range from  in-ear and over-ear options. 

Other Items College Students Would Love:
  • Starbucks Gift Card/ Biggby's Gift Card 
  • Velveeta Mac and Cheese Cups and Ramen Noodles for easy and quick lunches or dinners
  • Gas Gift Card
  • Folders
  • Small snacks/candy to bring on the go

Are/were you a college student? What are/were your key items that you kept with you at all times?

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Girls/ Women

Hey guys,

When I was younger, I loved seeing what was inside my stockings. The stocking that all of us grandchildren received each year from my grandparents on my dad's side always had at least an apple and an orange in it. That was just something that they did. Are you stuck on what to put in your teen girl, young adult daughter, or wife's stocking? Here are some ideas that I thought of:

Candy (Who doesn't like candy):

The Reese's pretzels have been my recent favorite, so I definitely recommend them. You could always do other candy like M&M'S, Skittles, or the candy canes filled with candy.

Adult Coloring Books, Markers and Pens:

I got the coloring books off of Amazon last year and the Twin Top Markers from Five Below but I'm sure you can find them at other places as well. The pens are Paper Mate Flair Pens, which are my favorite. They make my penmanship look so good. That's only one drawer of the pens I own.


I know that the three scents from Bath and Body Works are not winter scents but a good idea for stocking stuffers are small bottles of lotion to put into a purse or backpack.  A bigger bottle from Victoria Secret as an example is a great one to leave at home. The Wet brush really does make brushing out your hair much easier at least it does to my hair. I definitely recommend you to try it.

DVDS and CD'S:

DVDs are a great stocking stuffer because you can fit a DVD into a stocking. You could get their favorite movie if they don't already own it, or get one for them if they are wanting to see it. Most people eat popcorn while watching movies, so you could always add some popcorn seasoning to the stocking and have them be a double gift; a movie night.  You can also include a CD too. Here are some that I would recommend:

Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas
Brad Paisley: Brad Paisley Christmas
Michael Bublé :Christmas
Kenny Chesney: All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan
Martina McBride: White Christmas
Blake Shelton: Cheers, It's Christmas


Again, this scent is not a winter scent but candles are another item that you can add to a stocking. They are also nice to have on cold night to help keep a room warm so it's not as cold due to the winter temperatures. 

What kind of items do you put in stockings? Leave a comment down below if anyone is reading this for additional ideas.

<3 Amanda 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Love With Food December Box (Coupon Code Included)

Hey guys,

Have you heard of the subscription box called "Love With Food"? I have been subscribed to it for the past 6 months but I have recently canceled my subscription due to financials. It was a fun box to receive each month and you didn't know what you'd receive so it was a surprise. Here are a few facts about Love With Food:

  • TASTING BOX (US Only) is $7.99 / Month, which has 7+ new & surprise snacks each month
  • DELUXE BOX (US & International) , which has 15+ new & surprise snacks each month.
  • GLUTEN FREE BOX (US & International), which has 10+ surprise gluten-free snacks each month
  • Free shipping to US and territories
  • Cancel anytime
Something that I really loved about this subscription box is that when you purchase one tasting box, they donate 1 meal to hungry children, and if you purchase either a deluxe or gluten free box, they donate 2 meals to hungry children. They have donated 1,009,167 Meals. That's amazing! 

I received my box earlier today and thought I would do a review on it to tell you all about this box. I was getting the deluxe box. I'm not going to show all of the items, just a few to give an example.

Nothing But The Fruit (N.B.T.F)

  • Strawberry flavored
  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 1 pkg = 90 calories
  • Not much of a taste
  • 3/5
  Blue Almond Nut Thins

  • 1 Pkg=90 Calories
  • Reminded me of a tortilla chip
  • Really hard
  • 0/5
Beet Puffs 

  • 1 bag= 170 calories
  • Beets Good Thins are much better
  • 0/5
RX Kids (Sorry for the rotated picture)

  • Berry Blast flavored
  • 1 bar= 130 calories
  • Hard bar
  • 0/5
Nothing But The Fruit (N.B.T.F)

  • Mixed berry flavored
  • 1 pkg= 90 calories
  • Better than the strawberry ones
  • 3/5

  • 24 Carrot- orange
  • 1 container= 70 calories
  • Tasted more like oranges than carrots
  • Didn't really know what to feel about it
  • 3/5
Double Dark Chocolate Cookie (Protein Cookie)

  • 2 servings per container
  • 1/2 cookie= 180 calories 
  • 1 full cookie = 360 calories 
  • 2/5

This subscription box would be a great box to give as a Christmas present to someone who might want to eat healthier or find new healthy snacks and treats to eat. This is also a good way to try out snacks to see if you like them enough to buy them at your grocery store. 

Right now, they are running their Holiday sale until 1/1/18. Buy any 6-month plan and get a FREE snack box worth $25. No promo code needed.
BONUS: Save an EXTRA $10 on any 6-month (or longer) Deluxe and Gluten-free plans. Use code JOLLY. 

If you want to check this food subscription box out, here's the link to the website. 

**These are just my opinions. You may have different taste buds and like some of these better than me or maybe worse than me.**

<3 Amanda 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Favorite Instagrammers Pt.1

Hey guys,

I have really been more active on my Instagram account than I used to be. I try to post when I have a new blog posted at least. I like watching Instagram stories and I do have some favorites. I'm gonna do a part one and part two because I don't want to make this post long. 

Planningongrace (Account): Kate is someone who wears multiple hats. She's a mom to three adorable girls, a wife, a nurse on the maternal newborn unit and she recently became a YouTuber. You should go subscribe to her channel. She posts grocery hauls, vlogs and holiday videos. She has a question and answer video so you can go learn more about her. If you're a planner, then she's a great person to follow on Instagram and YouTube as she posts videos about planning and also shares pictures on Instagram of her planner. 

Laurmcbrideblog (Account): Lauren is a blogger who's due with her third child in February. Her son and daughter are adorable, and she and her husband are a cute couple!  She also has a YouTube channel, which you can find here. She posts tutorials and other videos.  You should also go subscribe to her blog. She also has additional social medias, Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest.  

Lynzyandco (Account): Lynzy is also a mom to two cute daughters and a son.  Her blog is located here, which she has a lot of different sections that I'm sure that everyone would enjoy.  She has a section on her blog where she posts pictures of what she's wearing and has links to all of the clothing so if you like a particular shirt, etc. you can just click on the picture of it, and the specific store and item will come up. You can find her on her other social medias accounts,Twitter,Facebook, and Pinterest.   

Courtney_Shields (Account): Courtney is a new mom and her daughter is adorable. You can find her blog here. She also has many sections that  anyone would enjoy reading. Like Kate and Lauren, she also has a YouTube channel. She has a variety of videos ranging from beauty to gift guides to pregnancy. Besides Instagram and YouTube, you can also find her on Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest.

You should definitely go follow all of these ladies and also their YouTube channels. They are all great at what they do.

<3 Amanda 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Men VS Women in Today's World

Hey guys,

I was debating on writing a post about this or not but felt like I needed to. I know that this is a controversial topic but I feel like this is my blog and I can write my feelings on anything I want to show my own views. Whenever I go onto Facebook, I read posts about more men getting accused of this and this. Yes, in my opinion men should not be abusive, rape women, etc. as I have been abused before by ex-boyfriends. But I feel like there should be a cut-off time period. Yes, I know some women are scared to come forward and wait to see if another will come forward first. But I seriously read that one of these incidents happened in 1991. That was 26 years ago. That was like the incident happened when I was one year old as I'm about to turn 27.

I also feel like women do these types of incidents to men,and think if I start something then the guy will get blamed 100% because he's a guy. I think if the women start some of the incidents then they should be the one getting in trouble, not the guy. I'm not saying that any of these celebrities are not telling the truth, but who knows if someone just want to take it out on a male celebrity and get them in trouble on purpose with false accusations.

What are your thoughts about this? Leave a comment below.

<3 Amanda

Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Open When" Letters Topic Ideas

Hey guys,

In one of my recent blog posts called "Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend", which you can view here, I wrote about how I did 100 "Open When" Letters for my boyfriend as one of his Christmas gifts. I knew I wanted to do at least 100 letters but getting to 100, I was struggling at the end because I couldn't think of anymore topic ideas. I went on Pinterst and googled topic ideas and found some. I think it's very creative, thoughtful and a gift that I know my boyfriend will love, so if you want to do this for your significant other, friend, sibling, here are my 100 topics if you need more topics.

  1. Open First/When You receive these letters
  2. Merry Christmas 2017
  3. New Years Eve 2017
  4. When you're sick (I included cough drops and a pack of Kleenex)
  5. You're hungry/ want a snack (I included some coconut chocolate candies)
  6. You're missing me (I sprayed some of my perfume on an index card so he could smell it and pretend that I'm there)
  7. You need to laugh (I included some jokes)
  8. You need to know how much I love you
  9. You want to know why I love you (I included a list of reasons)
  10. You're sad 
  11. You had a long day
  12. You're bored (I included some made up puzzles for him to do)
  13. You can't sleep
  14. You're happy
  15. You're feeling lonely
  16. It's your birthday (I included some cut up confetti)
  17. I've just left after visiting
  18. We got in a fight
  19. You want to try something new (I included some coca flavored chewy candy)
  20. You need a hug and kiss (I put some Pouty Pop Crayon on and kissed the paper all over)
  21. You want to know my dreams for the future
  22. You want to know how happy you make me
  23. 1 year anniversary
  24. You feel like no one cares
  25. You miss my kisses (Again, I put some Pouty Pop Crayon on and kissed the paper all over)
  26. You miss holding my hand (I traced my hand on the paper)
  27. New Year Eve 2018
  28. Christmas 2018
  29. Valentine's Day
  30. You're feeling punny (I included some puns)
  31. You're feeling lucky (I included a lottery ticket)
  32. You're stressed (I included some bubble wrap)
  33. You want to know songs that reminds me of you
  34. You want to know random things about me
  35. 4th of July
  36. Halloween 2018
  37. You want to know how important you are to me
  38. You need to vent (Again, I included bubble wrap)
  39. We just talked on the phone
  40. You're mad at me
  41. I'm mad at you
  42. When you wake up
  43. Before you go to sleep
  44. When you had a bad day
  45. When you had a good day
  46. You can't stop thinking of me
  47. You really want to see me
  48. You really don't want to cook lunch or dinner (I included some Ramen noodles, easy to fix)
  49. You need to talk to someone and I'm not picking up my phone
  50. You go to the casino (I included a $1 for good luck)
  51. You need to smile
  52. You need motivation/encouragement
  53. You're crying (I included a pack of Kleenex)
  54. You're craving chocolate (I included some caramel/chocolate small candies)
  55. You're craving something sweet and sour (I included sour patch kids)
  56. You want to relive the first time we met (Which you can read about here)
  57. You need support/ a listening ear
  58. You want to read some of my favorite quotes
  59. You want a drawing I made for you
  60. You have a good dream about us
  61. You feel like being a kid again (I included a Star Wars coloring book and some Star Wars crayons)
  62. Just because
  63. You need me
  64. 2 month anniversary
  65. 3 month anniversary
  66. 4 month anniversary
  67. 5 month anniversary
  68. 6 month anniversary
  69. 7 month anniversary
  70. 8 month anniversary
  71. 9 month anniversary
  72. 10 month anniversary
  73. 11 month anniversary
  74. I fallen asleep on you
  75. You're thinking about the future
  76. It's the weekend
  77. You need to know I'm in it for the long haul
  78. You're having anxiety
  79. You need to hear some compliments 
  80. You need to hear a friendly voice
  81. It's Easter
  82. St. Patrick's Day
  83. It's Star Wars Day
  84. Thanksgiving 2018
  85. You want to read a poem 
  86. You want to watch funny YouTube videos
  87. You need new movies to watch
  88. You need new songs to listen to
  89. You're cold (I included some hot cocoa)
  90. You need a pick-me up (I included a Hershey bar)
  91. It's Sweetest day
  92. It's boyfriend's day
  93. You beat me at Trivia Crack
  94. I beat you at Trivia Crack
  95. It's popcorn day (I included a pack of popcorn)
  96. It's puzzle day (I included a cut up picture of us that he has to put back together)
  97. It's best friend day
  98.  It's love note day
  99. You're about to see me again
  100. You read all of the other envelopes
Now,  I used medium and large yellow manila envelopes for the letters that I included things that couldn't fit into a plain white envelope. I hope this list helped you add more topics to your list. Have fun, and I'm sure whoever you give these to will love it. 

<3 Amanda 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Favorite YouTube Channels Pt.4

Hey guys,

I thought it was time to give some shout-outs to 5 of my favorite YouTube Channels. You should definitely go subscribe to their channels because they are all great YouTube Channels.

  • Our Wonderland Life (Channel): This is such a cute little family. It consists of the parents Travis and Carah, and their two adorable daughters Alaina and Emery.  They post travel vlogs, about the holidays and much more. She has her own channel called Carah Amelie, which you can check out here.  They are both good artists (Travis and Carah) and Travis has a drawing channel called  Sketchy Trav that you can check out here. They have other social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Carah's Twitter, and Travis's Twitter.

  • Britneyandbaby (Channel): Britney is a young mom to three cute children; Aria, Nolah and Harlow; and her fiancĂ© is Ean. They are a cute couple. She posts videos of routines, tours, baking videos, grocery hauls, Target hauls and much more. You should definitely go follow them on their other social media sites; Pinterest, Twitter,and Instagram 

  • This Is How We Bingham (Channel): This family include Brandon and Mindy (the parents) and children Madi, Ryler, Krew, Brexsen and Hazy. If you like challenges and vlogs, you will enjoy this channel.  They have other social media sites as well, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and they also have a blog where Mindy posts recipes.

  • Gardner Quad Squad (Channel): This family consists of parents Tyson and Ashley, and quadruplet girl toddlers;  Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline. We actually have the same birthday! They struggled with infertility for 8 years and did IVF, and they were blessed with 4 cute little girls. After subscribing to their channel, they have taught me to not give up on things because they didn't. They were strong! You should definitely check out their channel if you want to feel some encouragement. They post holiday vlogs, unboxings, and more. You should check out their other social media sites, Facebook, Instagram( gardnerquadsquad) Instagram  (amiracleunfolding), Twitter and their store.

  • The Crazy Middles (Channel): This family includes the parents, Jared and Shelly, and children Kylie (Husband Marc), Destiny, Weston,Jonathan, Cody, Lacey, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Spencer ,Harlan, Jacob ,Aubrey ,Landon, Addison, Mason ,Braxton, Anavaeh, and Paul. The parents are wonderful examples because they have two biological children but wanted to adopt. Something special that they do is adopt siblings so they don't have to separate. They post videos such as holiday vlogs, sport vlogs (football, cheerleading and dance), tours, challenges and more. You should check out their other social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You should definitely go subscribe to all of these channels. They are all great and have great videos. 

<3 Amanda 

Elf On The Shelf

Hey guys,

Do you do "Elf on The Shelf" in your family? I am almost 27 and my younger brother is 19 so Elf on The Shelf wasn't a thing back when we, along with my older brothers were younger.  I think it's a good thing to do with children maybe starting at age 3. I say age 3 because they might not fully understand the meaning behind having an elf hiding in your house each day during December. When I have my own children and they are at the age of 3, I think it would be fun to do The Elf on The Shelf. I have seen pictures on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest that looks like a fun thing to do for kids to make the holiday season more special. I will have to remind myself to move the elf each night before I go to bed though.

If you do The Elf on The Shelf, do you have any favorite places that you left your elf? What were they doing?

<3 Amanda

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Hey guys,

Christmas is 18 days away. I thought I would give you guys some ideas if you're last minute Christmas shopping or need some ideas on what to get your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas.  I'll tell you what I got for my boyfriend. I told him not to read my blog until after he gets his presents so if you're reading this, close out of this!! 

For the gifts I have for my boyfriend are two that I found on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great site to check out if you're stuck on gifts ideas and much much more.  Pinterest has a ton of different categorizes.  The first idea was "Open When" Letters. I thought this was a great idea because we are kind of long distance and don't get to see one another that much. I should have taken a picture of it before I wrapped the box up. But I can still give you ideas if you want to do this for your significant other or this would also be a great gift for a long distance friend, or a sibling that lives out of state. I did 100 envelopes just so that he has envelopes to open for a long time. Some of the envelopes I did were "Open When You/re____"
  • Bored
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Craving Chocolate (Added some chocolate in the envelope)
  • Need To Hear Some Compliments 
  • Sick (Added some Kleenex and cough drops)
My second gift is based on the movie series "Star Wars"  because he likes those movies. In the box I included:
  • Some Star Wars Cheez-it's
  • Some Pokemon Fruit Snacks (He also likes Pokemon)
  • Some Takis because he likes spicy foods
  • Some Cheese Pringles as "Drone Chips"
  • Some Sour Punch Straws as "Light-sabers"
  • Some spearmint gum as "Chewbaca"
  • A Kraft Mac and Cheese, Star Wars Themed
  • Some Star Wars cards
I have also wrapped up the box and everything inside with Star Wars wrapping paper. I haven't done this part yet but on the top of the box, I'm going to write on a piece of paper: "A long time ago in a GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, I found a box full of goodies".

Here are some other ideas you can get for your boyfriend:
  • His favorite candies/snacks
  • A DVD. and popcorn gift set
  • His favorite cologne
  • A gift card to his favorite store
  • If he likes sports, maybe a sport ticket for the upcoming year
Here are some gift ideas that you can get your girlfriend for Christmas:
  • Chocolate (what girl doesn't like chocolate)
  • Perfume
  • A gift card to their favorite store
  • Clothes
  • Her favorite candies/snacks

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I'm still waiting on two more things and then I'll be done!

<3 Amanda 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Winter Tag

Hey guys,

I thought I would create a winter tag and have you guys learn more about me, and possibly others will join along.

1. Are you a winter person? No, I'm not a fan of the cold and snow.
2. What is your favorite Christmas movie? The Family Holiday and Christmas Shoes
3. Are you a fan of hot chocolate? No
4. Anything special on your Christmas list? To be able to spend time with my boyfriend and his family
5. Anything you're looking forward to besides Christmas in general? My birthday- December 28th. The big 27.
6. Do you have any ideas for New Years Resolution's yet? One is to post on here more.
7. Favorite Candy Cane flavor? I'm not a big fan of candy canes and peppermint so probably spearmint.
8.  Favorite winter outfit? Leggings, hoodie and uggs.
9. Favorite outdoor activity? Snowball fight
10. Do you have a fake or real tree? Growing up we had a fake one, if I remember correctly

I like tagging at least 3 people so they can complete this tag if they want to. I like learning more about fellow bloggers. The three people I chose to tag are:

Karlena @CliffordKarlena ( 
Tracy @IAmTracyNicole_ (
Mallory @MindfulWithMal  (

<3 Amanda 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Amazing Blind Date

Hey guys,

The weekend of November 3rd was a weekend that has been stuck in my head with good memories of course, and that weekend is when I met the guy who I have been chatting and texting with from POF. 

Thursday, November 2nd I was really really nervous because I was thinking what if he doesn't like me and things are going to be awkward between us and I have to spend Friday evening to Sunday with him. I was rushing around trying to get myself prepared and packed so I wouldn't forget anything. That took me awhile because I kept getting distracted by playing Bingo on Facebook Messenger. Thank you to the person that got me addicted to that (they know who they are). 

Friday came and I could not fall asleep the night before due to nerves so I don't think I fell asleep until around 3:30ish in the morning. I had my alarm set for 9am but didn't get up until 9:30am because obviously I was tired since I had trouble falling asleep. Later in the afternoon, his sister came and picked me up. The week leading up to it, I was nervous that it would be a quiet car ride because of how quiet I can get when meeting new people but we chatted pretty much the whole car ride (1 hour). As we got closer to their house, I started to become really nervous because every girl wants their crush to like them back. We went in the house and we pretty much just looked at one another as we both could tell that the other one was nervous as well. He handed me a vase of pink roses, which are my favorite color and flower. We hugged and I met their adorable dog who loved getting petted by me (he loved me).

We (him, his sister and I) then just walked around Downtown Benton Harbor while we waited for their aunt to get home from work. They played Pokemon Go so I tagged along when they tried to catch one. Then they took me to a casino out there and that was the first time I have ever stepped in a casino. They played a few games and then we grabbed some pizzas and headed over to their grandma and aunt's house.

I again became really nervous to meet their grandma and aunt because I wanted them to like me because I liked their grandson and nephew and I also wanted to make a good first impression.  We walked in and I met them and I could tell that they liked me. We ate pizza and just chatted. Then his aunt asked me if I was ready to meet the dogs, all 6 of them. She let them in and they all pretty much ran to him and his sister and then they realized that there was a new person. They all loved me. They are all so adorable and cuddly (if you can't tell I am a dog person). Besides dogs, they also have 5 cats which pretty much all loved me as well. What can I say I'm a lovable person.  Later on, we were hanging and chatting with his grandma and aunt, and then we went upstairs where we chatted and watched TV, and then we went to bed. 

Saturday, we both slept in because I don't think we slept the greatest the night before and then we had a long day the day before. We hung out until his sister came and we all (his grandma, his aunt, his sister, him and myself) went to another casino near them. That was a fun car ride. We got there, went to the buffet for dinner and then the casino. I had money from my mom to play for her and his aunt was nice enough to give us each money. We all spread out but me and him were together because that casino was huge and I wasn't about to get lost. I ended up with $15 and my mom ended up with $2, so I didn't lose but then I didn't do that awesome either. I walked past someone at a machine and they won $600, and was like why couldn't that be me.  His sister asked if we were done and we said yes, and we headed for the arcade where we played a few games and then their grandma came in because she was done at the casino. I went up to them because they were at the prize counter where they were getting sloths, and the guy behind the counter asked if that was for me when I was walking up. Not sure how he knew I was with them, maybe he saw us walking in together. His sister was nice enough to give me that sloth and got another one. At the end of the night we ended up with like 6 or 7 sloths. Here's mine:
We then left and they went to take pictures with all of the sloths while I sat in the warm car with their grandma. We drove back to the house and his sister went home, and we stayed up a little bit talking to his grandma and aunt again before heading off to bed. 

Sunday morning we woke up and I got all packed because I was going home that day. As we were waiting to leave, his stepdad stopped by and I met him. He's really nice.  On the drive back to my place, we stopped at McDonald's for lunch. The GPS kept making us make U-turns and making us go in circles but we finally made it to my house. He walked me in and gave me a hug and a kiss. 

We continued texting and on Monday , November 6th, I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes. Fun fact: We started texting on October 19th and to this specific time we have a total of 7,137 text messages between us. We are planning on seeing each other the end of December to exchange Christmas gifts and also spend my birthday weekend together. Only 43 days if everything goes as planned. I was really nervous when we were planning to meet for the first time and I can't wait to see him and his family again. They are all so nice.

<3 Amanda 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Why Another Mass Shooting?

Hey guys,

I know that this devastating event happened a few days ago but I needed to get my thoughts together for this post. I remember waking up Monday morning and do what I do each morning which is to look at my phone on Twitter,Instagram, Facebook, check my e-mail and etc. The first thing that I saw was about the Las Vegas mass shooting. My first response in my head was "Why???" Why does another person think it's the right thing to do to get a bunch of large (unneeded) guns for anyone to have as a civilian and start shooting at thousands of innocent people?? I just don't understand.

When I was younger, there might have been shootings but I don't think there were any large ones like we sadly have had. I'm only 26 years old, and at the top of my head I can already name 3 mass shootings around the county; Columbine High School, The Pulse and now this one. I also remember one that happened a few years ago in my own city. I even remember being in my house watching the updates on TV.  There was 7 innocent lives taken away that day and I know that 7 is not even close to the numbers in the other mass shootings but honestly, any number is way too high for any shooting.

One day I hope to have my own children but I'm honestly a bit nervous to bring children into this scary world where people think that they can go buy guns and shoot people for no reason at all.  When the time comes for me to have children, I'm going to absolutely be a great role model for them and express to them that I'm there for them if they ever want to talk to someone.

There has been several talk show hosts who has talked about the shooting but one that really struck me was Jimmy Kimmel's speech, which you can watch here. I was not aware that he was from Las Vegas and I understand how he was feeling. If you see/hear something happening in your hometown, you think to yourself that this wasn't how my city was when I was younger. Our cities were a lot safer back then, and that is because some people think that they are all that and go buy guns, and then go killing innocent people. That's the world we live in now and I'm just one person but something needs to definitely change. Now these days, people don't really want to go to concerts or out to celebrate occasions because there might always be the fear of someone taking their life for no reason.

My heart, prayers and thoughts goes out to all of the victims, their families and friends, and also to everyone who were injured and their families and friends as well.

<3 Amanda

Sunday, September 10, 2017

August Favorites

Hey guys,

This post is a little late. I meant to post this a lot sooner but you know how life can be. I'll make sure to let you know where the items came from.


Velveeta Mac and Cheese 

Naked Strawberry Banana Smoothie (I like how there's no dairy in it)

Not a fan of peppermint candy canes but like Peppermint Patties

"Be An Icon" shirt (Five Below)

Gray Joggers (Also have a black pair;Five Below)


Blistex Chapstick (Medicated)

Blankets from Five Below. They are so soft.

Hidrate Water Bottle 

Be An Icon shirt:
Blankets: Not found
Hidrate Water Bottle:

What were some of your favorites from the last month?

<3 Amanda