Friday, February 16, 2018

The Unimportance And The Importance Of Make-Up

Hey guy,

These days make-up is being used more than it has been in the past or at least what I have seen. I feel like make-up has always been a huge factor in young teens. teen girls and women because they want to start wearing make-up to look prettier.  I will admit to being one of those teen girls but with me being the only girl in the family and if I recall, my mom didn't wear that much make-up, so I never really tried wearing make-up besides to a homecoming dance back in high school.

Make-up can be important but then also can be unimportant. It can be important to make you feel prettier, make you more confident in yourself and to just make yourself feel better about yourself in general.  It also can be considered unimportant because sometimes make-up can be overused. In all honestly, I feel like it's a teen girl's and a woman decision if they want to wear make-up or not. In the above pictures, the only one where I'm wearing make-up is the top picture. I feel like it's a personal decision whether you want to wear make-up or not. I personally like wearing make-up but at the same time I think I look pretty without it. You have to be YOU and do what's best for YOU! You are all beautiful!

<3 Amanda