Monday, April 30, 2018

55 Blog Post Topic Ideas

Hey guys,

I wasn't sure what to post for my 2 year blogversary but after thinking about it, I decided to make a post with all different blog topics for you all.  If you're a blogger or just getting into blogging, here's a list of topics that you could use. I hope this is helpful if you're having writer's block and doesn't know what to blog about.
  1. College Tips 
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Movie Review
  4. Tags
  5. Advice about a particular topic
  6. A recipe
  7. Monthly Favorites
  8. Night Routine
  9. Morning Routine
  10. Outfits of The Week (OOTW)
  11. Day in The Life (DITL)
  12. What's In My purse/Backpack
  13. Write about something you overcame
  14. Write a letter to your teenage self
  15. Summer/Winter Bucket List
  16. Reverse Bucket List
  17. Bucket List In General
  18. Dreams For Your Future
  19. Write about your role models and what you've learned from them
  20. Your opinion about something
  21. What's on my phone/tablet
  22. Q and A 
  23. Hauls
  24. 5 things you like about yourself
  25. 5 things you dislike about yourself and why
  26. What's in my shower
  27. Favorite sayings/quotes
  28. Interview someone
  29. Throwback post
  30. Christmas Wish list
  31. Birthday wish list
  32. Music play list
  33. High school/college experience
  34. Fav. YouTubers
  35. Top 15____
  36. Lessons you learned from ____
  37. A to Z of ____
  38. Tutorial/How to do
  39. Book to movie comparison and contraction
  40. Current goals
  41. Proudest moment(s)
  42. What's inside my fridge
  43. What I eat
  44. A travel post
  45. Empties
  46. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner ideas
  47. Dessert ideas
  48. Snacks Ideas 
  49. Guest Posts
  50. Lists
  51. Back to school (School supplies haul)
  52. Study Tips
  53. Pet peeves
  54. Places I've traveled to
  55. Vacation Recap
Again, if you're a new blogger or just have writer's block, I hope this post helped you come up with posts ideas. 

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Get To Know Me Tag

Hey guys,

The 30th of this month is my two year blogversary and I want to make that post really good so today I'm just posting a random get to know me tag so you guys can learn more about me. I found this Get To Know Me Tag on THE LDN DIARIES. The two editors are Paula and Danny. You should definitely go check out their blog. They post about a variety of things along the lines of beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle,travel and they also have a mens section.

1.What is your middle name? Leigh (Pronounced like Lee)

2. Share you favorite subject in high school? English. I was the type of student who loved grammar,but not the essays.

3. What is your favorite drink? I used to say Dr. Pepper but haven't drank pop in so long I can't remember the last time. Right now, its Sparkling Ice Water

4. What is your favorite song at the moment? I have a few. I'll do a separate post on them.

5. What would you (or have you) name your children? I don't have any children yet but there are few names that I do like

6. Have you participated in any sports? Track in my junior year of high school

7. What is your favorite book? "A Child Called It" is a really sad book but I like it and also "Dear John" is a good one. Nicholas Sparks is a good writer.

8. What is your favorite color? In order: Pink, turquoise/teal, Orange, Purple

9. What is your favorite animal? Dogs 

10. What is your favorite perfume? Hmm.. don't have a favorite

11. What is your favorite holiday? Valentine's Day

12. On a scale from 1 – 10, rate your childhood. Ummm.. a 7?

13. Have you been out of the country? Yes, Canada. Funny story about that.

14. Do you speak any different languages? A little bit of Spanish but only Si, No, Uno, Dos, etc

15. Do you have any siblings? 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother

16. What is your favorite store? Target and Five Below

17. What is your favorite restaurant? It used to be Russ's but now it's Applebee's

18. Did you like school? Some classes 

19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? I'll do a separate post about my current favorites 

20. What is your favorite movie? I like "Coffee Shop" on Netflix

21. What are some of your favorite TV shows? Pretty Little Liars, Nailed It, 9-11 and Fosters (although I have to catch up on it when it comes out on Netflix)

22. PC or mac? Umm.. HP

23. What phone do you have? Android

24. How tall are you? 5'7

25. Do you have any pets? My dad's fish named Fish (He named it)

Again, you should definitely go check out THE LDN DIARIES. Their social medias are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

<3 Amanda 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Plenty Of Fish Vs. OkCupid

Hey guys,

These days, dating sites has become a big thing because it's convenient. For me, I'm on Plenty of Fish and Okcupid. When I get into a relationship, I used to just delete my profiles but then when I got broken up with, I would have to go back and type everything up again. I've decided that when I get into new relationships I just put "Looking for Friends/Not Looking" depending on the option for that particular site. Since I'm a member of each site, I thought I would compare and contract the two and give my opinion on them. I am only a FREE member so I can't go into all of the things you are able to access if you pay for a membership. DISCLAIMER- These are my OWN opinions (also, this review is based off of the apps not the websites but they are pretty much the same).

Plenty of Fish:

  1.  Messages are of course your messages with other people. If you want to know if they read your message before they respond, then you have to upgrade.
  2. There's an option called "Will Respond" and those are the members that will most likely to respond to you. When you click on that, you will also see "Top Prospects" and those are the members who POF think you will like I suppose.
  3. You can also search (you can have POF access to your device location, which I don't just because) and you can add anything you want to look for in another person like: their age range, education, if they have children or not, if they are a smoker or a drinks, and so on.
  4. Again, if you give POF access to your device location, they can show you who is nearby to you
  5. My Matches- This shows who POF thinks you match up well together. There are other options like your "Ultra Match" that also shows a lost of people and the same for "Chemistry Matches".
  6. You are able to see the people who looked at your profile and you can also look at the list of the people whose profiles you looked at. 
  7. The "Meet Me" part of the site reminds me of Tinder (I'm not on there but I have heard of the left and right object of it). If you're not interested in someone, you swipe left and then if you like someone you swipe right. If there's  a mutual match, then you'll get a notification and it will also be listed under "It's Mutual". 
  8. Favorites- You can put people as your favorites and you also can see who listed you as on of  their favorites.
  1. Just like POF's feature "Meet Me", OkCupid has something called "Double Take" which is the same exact thing.You swipe left if you're not interested and right if you are. 
  2. "Discovery" is the search part where you can obviously search but there are some options you can't look for unless you're a paid member. You can also see people who you have shared interests with and your top matches. There are additional things on "Discovery" as well that you can check out.
  3. Under "Likes" you can see who you liked and if they liked you back. If you're not on the A-List, you unfortunately can't see who liked you.
  4. Conversations is your messages
The first one I was on a few years ago was OkCupid with the recommendation of one of my brothers.Then a friend of mine told me to try Plenty of Fish. I've found a few relationships through both of the sites. I personally like Plenty of Fish better because there are more things to do. But if you like another dating site better, that's totally fine because we can't always have the same favorites of this world would be boring.

Do you have a favorite online dating website or app?

<3 Amanda

Monday, April 9, 2018

March 2018 Favorites

Hey guys,

So this favorites post might be on the shorter side as I once again didn't pay attention to my favorites of the month but I still have a post for you!

Pirate Booty has definitely become one of my favorite snacks. I'm not a big fan of popcorn so I think this is a great option if you're also not a fan of popcorn.

I've never tried these so I decided why not when they were on sale at the store. They aren't that sour but they are really good!

Now, I don't wash my face every single night as I sometimes want it to be just natural (if that makes sense) but I really like the feeling of my face after using this. My face feels really smooth.

Working Out Apps:
  • 8Fit
  • Be Fit 21
  • Feel The Burn
Game Apps:
  • Paint By Number
  • Voxel
They are both fun games when I'm bored or just laying in bed and I can't fall asleep.

What were some of your March favorites?

<3 Amanda