Sunday, July 31, 2016

30 Facts About Me You Might Not Have Known

I came up with a list of 30 things about me so you can get to know me better:

1.My favorite flower is a rose
2. My favorite sport is volleyball
3. My birthday is in December
4.My favorite color is pink
5. My favorite number is 7
6. My favorite seasons are summer and fall
7. I participated in track my junior year of high school
8. I was engaged before
9. I have never had surgery
10. The only fish I like is tuna fish
11. I hate bacon; it's disgusting
12.I was shy when I was younger and I have came a long way since then
13.My favorite music is country
14. One of my favorite stores is Target
15. I have had braces
16. I did gymnastics when I was younger
17.I had a YouTube channel but I deleted it because nobody was watching my videos
18. My favorite shape is a heart
19. I hate my teeth
20. My handwriting is a lot better when I write with pens
21. My favorite animal is dogs
22. My favorite Oreo is birthday cake
23. My favorite chocolate candy bar is Reeses or Hershey
24. I love homework..sometimes 
25. I love to read
26. I don't know how to drive but I want to (have to overcome my anxiety of driving)
27. I'm a better baker than a cook
28.  I'm lactose intolerance;it depends on the food item
29. My typical sandwich is ham and mayo (I know, plain)
30. When out to eat, I normally get water,lemonade or Dr. Pepper

<3 Amanda 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Losing Classmates To Death


Sometimes you lose friends due to fights and disagreements but then sadly,there are times when you lose friends due to death. Throughout my high school years, I lost 3 friends/classmates. They all passed differently and I thought me writing this post about them would kinda honor them as I know they can read this from Heaven ( they can probably see me as I type this).

The first classmate that I had to see in a coffin was Branden. He sadly committed suicide. He was a great classmate and a great teammate as we were both on the track and field team. Even though he was a grade younger than me, he was a great friend. He was also a great athlete. Besides track and field, he was also a great football player and a wrestler. I'm sure he is enjoying playing sports up in Heaven. He was only 16 years old.

The second classmate I had to see lay in a coffin was Scott. He passed away after getting in an ATV accident. It was just only a few weeks after we graduated high school. He had his whole life ahead of him. We had English together and I'm not sure if I did or if I was too nervous to but I was going to ask him to Prom.  He was only 19 years old.

The third classmate that I had to see in a coffin was Carly. She was younger than me and we both had graduated high school. She was doing great in college but she passed away due to a Meningitis virus. She was a great actress and singer. She was in so many plays and musicals in high school. She was a star! I'm sure she is singing and acting up in Heaven. She was only 19 years old when she passed.  

They all had great futures ahead of them but God needed them up there. Remembering them makes me realize that nobody knows when their last day will be. 

<3 Amanda

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Blogger Interview: Camilla Sorum

Today my blogger interview is with Camilla. She is a blogger from Spain and her blog's name is Camilla Sorum She's also a mother to two adorable little girls.You should really check out her blog by clicking here if you want to read a great blog!

Q: What is the meaning behind your blog name?
A: My blog name is simply my name ( as it is about me and my life.

Q; What made you decide to start blogging?
A: I have always loved writing. Back in the days I studied journalism and did some freelancing. You might not believe it, but my passion was covering motor sport events. I usually keep a journal, or just write when I'm sad or frustrated about something. I've been wanting to start a blog for a while, but been to skeptical. Thinking "who's gonna read it", "what should I write about" and how scary it is to share so much in public. But I love writing, and I finally decided to just go for it.

Q:What do you blog about?
A: I mainly blog about my life. I left Norway two years ago and people were shocked that I dared to just move abroad with two young children. I share some stories from my past, some every day life, some special events pr thoughts that I have on different subjects. I also promote stuff or people that inspires me.

Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: I have been blogging only for a few months.

Q:What do you like to do beside blogging? Any hobbies?
A: Beside blogging I'm very busy. I work 30 hours per week. I'm a full time student and I'm currently alone with my two little girls, so at the moment my free time mainly goes to activities with them. I like handcraft and make baby clothes, rugs or pictures. I'm also very creative and like drawing, coloring and painting. Interior is one of my passions, so I always come up with some changes around the house. Another hobby of mine is animals. We recently adopted a kitten from a rescue organization and are currently waiting to adopt a dog from another. I love dog training and have had dogs most of my life. I'm also hoping to start horse riding again as I haven't since we came here. I really miss it! Other than that I love fashion. I like putting pieces together, dressing up and testing new looks. I like being both in front of and behind the camera. It's so many beautiful locations here, so I try to take some pictures whenever I can.

Q: Have you had writer’s block? What did you do?
A: So far I didn't have a writer's block, although I do spend a lot of time planning my posts. Sometimes I make it very simple, other times more complicated. Sometimes it takes me very short time and other times I need more. My advice to others with blocks would be to think about what you like or are passionate about. If the theme is interesting to you it's easier to write about it. Make a list and write down some simple words and ideas. Go from them and plan weekly. You don't have to plan the whole blog or even a full post, just make sure you have some ideas ready for the times you struggle to write.

Q: What’s one thing you want your subscribers to know?
A: -I want my subscribers to know that I'm available. I take criticism, questions, thoughts, ideas and comments positively. I get a lot of private messages with all kind of questions from people worried to ask me in public. Don't be! I answer absolutely everyone, and if I find it too personal or if it's something I wanna keep private, that's what my answer will be. We can always get better, nobody's perfect, so I'm always open for suggestions, ideas and thoughts of my blog.

Q:How do you balance being a mom, wife and blogger?
A:  Sometimes the balance is hard to find. I'm not a wife (yet), but I have an amazing boyfriend. He's working somewhere else this summer, so it's very difficult to find time to see each other. That balance we can't find, but knowing it's temporary gets us through it. When my girls are in school I use all my free time to practical stuff, doing everything I need before my work day starts. If I have some quiet time at work I take notes for my blog or work on social media. Between end of school hour and bedtime it's all about the kids. Cooking dinner, doing homework, taking them to activities and so on. I always have a book in my bag, so whenever I find some time when the girls are busy I can do some studying. After bedtime I clean up, do some work around the house before I do what I need with my blog and social media. It's unbelievable how much time it requires. When I'm finished I have some alone time before I go to bed myself. The weekends usually gives me some time for blog and studies as my girls are usually quite busy. It's a busy lifestyle, but that's how I like it. I'm very structured and effective and I like organizing. I always plan my days well, although I do get tired of it sometimes. I think it's important to plan some dead time where you can just drop everything and relax. I'm not very good at that.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their blog?
A:  If you have just started a blog, don't forget why you did it! Make sure that you post regularly. You may not always have time or creativity, but the majority should definitely be something related to your blog theme and something you made an effort for. It will take time to get readers and build up an audience, it will take time to learn and it will take time to get used to. Just keep it up and you will get there.

Q:Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
A: In five years I see my blog as I see it now. I write for myself, I write because I love it and because it gives me a lot. I can never forget that. If the day comes where I stop doing it for myself I will stop. I hope that others like it too and wants to read it, that I can live off it someday, but that's not why I'm doing it.

Q:What do you want your readers to take from your blog?
A: I want my readers to see me through my blog. I never post anything without personality. I do however want my readers to realize that my blog is not all of me. I don't share everything. I hope my readers find some motivation, some joy, some thoughts or just a good laugh from it. That what I share means something to someone. I have done amazing things, I have proven so much to myself by leaving everything behind and starting a new life. I want my readers to believe that they can make a change, that it's not scary to start over and that even through hard times there is also good.

Q:Do you have any other social media sites?
A: I have Instagram: camillasorum, Twitter: camilla_sorum, Tumblr: camillasorum, and a public page on Facebook: Camilla Sorum Blogger. I can be contacted through any of them.

Again, you should really check out her blog, here if you want another great blog to read. Thanks again, Camilla!

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21st-National Junk Food Day


Did you know that today is National Junk Food day?  I won't lie, I like junk food but you cannot have too much as you need a balance in the foods you eat.  I wanted to know which junk foods were more popular than others so I did some research. To be honest, I wasn't surprised with the brands that were popular.  According to Eric Vilas-Boas (Vilas-Boas, E., 2012),the popular brands were:

  1. Ritz
  2. Lay's
  3. Doritos
  4. Fritos
  5. Orville Redenbacher
  6. Wheat Thins
  7. Tostitos
  8. Cheetos
  9. Pringles
  10. Triscuit
In my opinion, a few of these aren't so bad than the others.  The healthier snacks above are Ritz, Wheat Thins and Triscuits.  I have noticed a similarity among the 10 snacks and that they all either have a box or a bag that is easy to hold onto. Before I did some research, I thought Chips Ahoys and Nabisco (Oreos) would be a popular junk food brand. My favorite junk food would probably be Ritz crackers, Oreos, Goldfish and candy to name a few off the top of my head.

What junk foods are your favorite? Leave them in the comments below!


Vilas-Boas, E. (2012). And the Top 10 Snack Brands in America Are... Retrieved July 21, 2016, from

<3 Amanda 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Top Favorites School Supplies

I'm no longer in a grade that needs school supplies,but I am in online college so I need a few school supplies. When I was younger, I looked forward to the fall time because it might back to school and school supplies!! I have some favorite school supplies that I loved and some things that helped me (when I was in school and now).

  • Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils-  Something about these makes my penmanship more better and I liked the grip of them better than regular mechanical pencils or regular pencils.

  • Paper Mate Flair M Pens- They also make my penmanship look nice, I think due to the fine point. They also are nice to have for proofreading and revising.
  • A planner- You normally get a planner (or agenda) in school but in college, a planner is really helpful and nice to have as you can write don what you have to get completed in each class.
  • Index cards- Very helpful to study vocabulary or terms you need to know.
  • Highlighters/colored pens-  I'm a visual person so it's nice to have things colored coded sometimes so I can study better,

What are your top school supplies? Leave them down below.

<3 Amanda 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Which Singer Would You Meet?


I think questions like this are fun to answer. If I had the chance to meet a singer, who would I meet?Whenever I think about this question, two names always comes to my mind and they Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood. After hearing those names,you can probably guess that my favorite genre of music and you'd be correct. Growing up, my parents mostly listened to country music and that is how I started listening to Martina McBride. Fun fact, my first concert was a Martina McBride's Christmas concert. She is my top favorite singer. 

I first was introduced to Carrie Underwood when I saw her auditioning for American Idol on TV. I liked her and thought she was a really good singer but I liked her more when she said that she liked Martina McBride. I voted for her every week and when she won and became the next American Idol, I won't lie I was tearing up.

If you could meet any singer, who would you choose?

<3 Amanda 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

10 Tips For Starting High School


It's almost back to school time and I thought I would give you guys 10 tips on starting high school.  High school is a big transition for some people. You begin at a small elementary school then move onto middle school which is a larger building and then end at a bigger building for high school.
  1. Be yourself! Peer pressure is a big thing in high school.If you don't want to try out for a sport but your friends want you to, then don't. You should be involved in sports and other activities only if you want to and enjoy it. This also goes for peer pressure when your friends try to make you start smoking and etc. Say No and just walk away. If they continue to peer pressure you, you should think about if they are true friends and if you should remain friends with them.
  2. My second tip goes along with the last part of tip #1, and that's is that your friend group will change. In my experience, I had 2 really close friends pretty much my whole middle school years and when we got into high school near the end of the year, I kind of drifted away from them. I'm not really sure what happened, I don't think we had a fight but then again,sometimes people just change.
  3. Do your homework. Some teachers might let you turn it in late but most often teachers won't.It's just easier to get it turned in when it's due.
  4. When you have knowledge of an essay that you have to write, get started on it as soon as you can so you can have enough time to add to it and revise it.
  5. When you have a test or a quiz,study,study,study!! If you don't understand something completely, ask a classmate who understands it to explain it to you or ask your teacher. 
  6. Don't skip or play hooky because you will just have more homework to do the next night or if you get caught, you might get suspended. 
  7. Highlighters and different color pens are great tools for note taking.
  8. Use flashcards (index cards) for studying vocabulary words or terms you need to know for a test. Once you know the definition of the word or term, put it in a separate pile so you know that you already know those words and can focus on the ones you don't. 
  9. Use a planner!!! A tip I have for planners is to use a different colored pen for each class and use that pen to write your homework or test date in your planner. Once you're done with the homework, you can just highlight it or put a little check by it so you can see that you completed your homework.
  10. My last tip is to not rush these four years because they actually go by really fast. This school year marks the 8th year I have been out of high school and sometimes I miss it because it was so much easier back then.
<3 Amanda

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Blogger Interview: Onlygirl4boyz

I decided to post another blogger interview. This interview was with Hava at Onlygirl4boyz located here. She is a wife and a mother to 3 cute little boys. She blogs about homemaking, recipes, saving money, and relationships! You should check her blog out.

 Q:  What is the meaning behind your blog name?
A:Onlygirl4boyz- because I am the only girl in my house.  I  have 3 boys and a fantastic husband

Q: What made you decide to start blogging?
A: . There are so many things I want to share with a larger audience concerning lessons I've learned about friendships and marriage to recipes and tips on frugal living.

Q: What do you blog about?
A: I love to cook so I share recipes and meal planning tips, advice on friendships and marriage and, many of the tips I've learned on how to live on one income and save money as a stay at home mom.

Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: I just started a few weeks ago and it's going well so far.

Q:What do you like to do beside blogging? Any hobbies?
A: I help my sister with her successful real estate business, and I am a full- time stay at home mom.

Q:Have you had writer’s block? What did you do?
A: Not yet I haven't but, I've done a few sessions of just brainstorming and writing out a ton of topics and topics I would like to write on so that I could go back to that when stumped and I keep an ongoing lists I add to throughout my day.

Q:What’s one thing you want your subscribers to know?
A: My heart is to truly help them and make their lives simpler, easier and happier and I'm dedicated to doing that.

Q:  How do you balance being a mom, wife and blogger?
A: I use naptime and bedtime consistently.  I stick with an early bedtime for all of my kiddos and get right to work when they are asleep which gives me about 3 hours at night and 1-2 during the day.

Q:.  What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their blog?
A: Research, Research, Research.  Learn as much as you can before you start and, constantly learn looking up ways to have a successful blog.  There is so much information out there that can help you be successful.  Also, start writing content and keep writing as much as you can.  Create a schedule and stick to it.

Q: Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
A: . With many followers, evolved, and making a full-time living.

Q: What do you want your readers to take from your blog?
A:  How to live simpler, how to save their family money and how to strengthen the relationships that they have

Q: Do you have any other social media sites?

A: Yes Instagram: Onlygirl4boyz and then I have an official site on Facebook for my website as well. 

Again if you're looking for a blog about  homemaking, recipes, saving money, and relationships or just want to check out a new blog,you should check out her blog. Thanks again Hava for letting me interview you and help promote your blog.

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Opinion On Pokemon Go


Since Pokemon came out in the 1990's, I grew up with it. Having two older brothers who played Pokemon and collected Pokemon cards,I started playing and collecting as well. Reflecting back, to my knowledge there was a higher number of boys who were playing than girls.I remember my brothers getting Pokemon cards and then trading with each other and friends. I recall playing Pokemon with them with our cards but today, i would be really confused playing.

Recently,there was an app that came out called "Pokemon Go!" My opinion in simple words is that it's crazy. It's crazy because it's just another excuse for teens/adults to be more attached to their phones and zone out their family and friends. Yes, they might play with their friends and family but it's not the same. It's more crazy that people are getting injured playing this app. I have heard several stories of people getting hit by cars,trespassing and even falling off of a cliff near San Diego trying to catch Pokemon (Tribune Media Wire (2016). In Pittsburgh, a girl playing the app blames it for her getting hit by a car (Ingram, S.,2016). That's seriously ridiculous. That is like blaming Facebook for having a profile picture that you don't like of yourself. You are the one who chooses which picture to use as your profile picture,NOT Facebook. It is YOUR job to play an app and to also pay attention to your surroundings. DON'T try to cross a busy highway or street because most likely you'll get hit because for one, you're probably not paying attention and two,some drivers don't pay attention 100% and might not see you in time. 

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that Pokemon Go is a bad app but when people start blaming their injuries on the app, that is when I think it's crazy and ridiculous. It is YOUR job to remain safe, NOT the app's responsibility. 


Ingram, S. (2016).Teenager hit by car blames 'Pokemon Go' Retrieved July 14, 2016, from

Tribune Media Wire. (2016). Two men fall off cliff near San Diego while playing Pok√©mon Go. Retrieved July 14, 2016, from

<3 Amanda 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Update

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for being MIA on here for a few days. Life has just been stressful and hectic these past few months. To start it off, I am back living at my mom's. I decided to move back as where I was living turned out to not be the best environment for me (but I won't go into details). I also went through breakups. When I moved the first time, I was dating someone and almost two months into the relationship, I broke up with him due to personal circumstances. That happened in mid-April. In early May, I started talking to a guy and I really liked him plus he let me vent to him when I had a bad day or was just feeling down. We met after I moved back and that weekend, we became a couple. A few days after our one month, we talked and agreed that we were better as friends. I am currently single but have been talking to someone. I don't really want to rush into a relationship but if something happens, I'm going to stop it because I do want to be happy.

I am still in college but I'm currently in a leave of absence due to personal circumstances. I'm planning on going back in September. Before I decided to take the leave of absence, my expected completion date was May of 2017 but now it will be later in the fall.  I'm okay with that, I feel like I needed this change and the leave of absence to focus on other things that have kind of been pushed aside.

<3 Amanda

Monday, July 11, 2016

Random Questions Survey

I know I have been MIA on here and I'm sorry. Life just gets in the way and becomes stressful and hectic. I'll post an update in a day or so. I wanted to at least post something on here,so I decided to do a survey.
  1. Who were you with yesterday? Family
  2. What woke you up this morning? I woke up naturally 
  3. Where are you? Home
  4. Is tomorrow going to be a good day? Maybe..who knows
  5. Do you like anybody? Maybe
  6. Ever thrown up in public? I don't think so
  7. Passed out because of alcohol? Nope, never drank before 
  8. What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW? Feeling alone and sad
  9. What kind of home would you like? Not sure
  10. What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I want to work with children
  11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully married and a mom
  12. Do you like candy necklaces? Hmm..sure
  13. Do you listen to music every day? Yes
  14. Do you still go trick or treating? Nope
  15. What was the last thing you ate? Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
  16. Are you a fast typer? I can be
  17. Whats your favorite type of soda? Dr. Pepper <3
  18. Have you ever moved? Yes
  19. Have you ever won an award? In school,like the Honor Roll and etc.
  20. Are you listening to music right now? Yes
  21. How long ’till your birthday? About 5 months (Dec.)
  22. When were you the saddest in your whole life? I can't choose just one time
  23. What time is it? 11:33PM
  24. Do you use eBay to buy or sell?Nope
  25. Who makes you mad? Liars!
  26. Have you ever heard a song written about you? Nope
  27. What do you do when you’re mad? Listen music and be by myself
  28. What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you were mad? Nothing
  29. Ever made anyone cry when you were mad? Nope, don't think so
  30. Do you swear when you’re mad? No
  31. When was the last time you actually cried? Just earlier tonight
  32. Ever cried yourself to sleep? Yup, more than once
  33. Do certain songs make you cry? They make me sad because some songs remind me of those who have passed
  34. What usually makes you cry? Sad things and when people hurt me
  35. Are you usually a happy person? Normally, I have my sad moments
  36. What makes you the happiest? When I achieve my goals and when I make other people happy
  37. Do you believe in yourself? Sometimes

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Break Ups (Relationships)

Growing up, you'll meet a lot of people and possibly fall in love with a few and start a relationship with them. Sometimes though relationships just don't work out; it may be one-sided or it might be a mutual breakup. I'm just 25 years old but I have been through more than just one break-up.

I didn't have my first relationship until I was in my early 20's and it has been a few years so I don't remember his exact age, however I want to say he was 26. Since that was my first relationship, that breakup was hard as he just texted me during the day and broke things off that way. I felt like he didn't care that much about me as he just thought "Oh, I'll send her a text and break up with her". We were together for not even two month; I want to say a month and a half. His "reasoning" (well excuse) for breaking up was that I wasn't communicating with him like he wanted me to. The real reason was that I wouldn't do something with him so he got upset and put the break up blame on me. He asked me to hang out again and I agreed but I didn't get the happy feeling like I wanted to get back together with him, so I texted him saying I didn't think this will work out and kind of just ended things there. He then caught me hanging out with my following boyfriend and screamed at me and had me so close up against the wall that if he would have pushed me, I would have smashed my head. He was screaming at me asking me what I wanted. I screamed back at him and said “You know what I want? I want you to leave me alone". Soon after, I started receiving texts and Facebook messages from his mom and sister in law being abusive towards me. Since that night, I haven't had any communication with him although I know that he got married.

My next relationship wasn't the greatest either towards the end. We were together for almost 3 years and were engaged but he broke off the engagement earlier in the year that we were supposed to get married. During those (almost) three years, there were more than just a few breaks but I really loved him so I stayed with him. Thinking back, I don't know why I stayed with him as he was abusive towards me. He made me eat a frozen Hershey bar and that's sadly what happened to 2 of my front teeth, he pushed me and I fell onto the computer chair and also slammed one of my feet in a door making it all black and blue.  One night he told me that he was done so I went to his mom and told her that I'm done and that I was leaving. That night I went back to my mom's apartment. That break-up made me a mess. He wouldn't talk to me and he had his sister do everything which I think he should have dealt with everything because he was the one in the relationship, not her.  His family was the abusive type too towards me even though I wasn't the reason for the break-up. I later learned that he was talking to someone else behind my back and they soon started a relationship. He has tried to contact me a few times since then but I don't really want to talk to him so I just block him.

My third break-up was the first break-up that I have done. I saw on Facebook that he was adding girls who honestly look like porn stars so I texted him and asked him about it. His response was "What will happen if I remain friends with them?" Since we were not near one another and I had no way to get to him, I texted him and told him that I think we should break-up. His replied was "Okay, if that's what you want.” making it seemed like he didn't really care about me. I soon got the thought that he only wanted me for sex.

My most recent breakup was a mutual/one sided break up. We were at his house and earlier in the day he asked me how I thought the relationship was going and I said "Good". Later that night I brought up the question and asked him and he had the opposite feeling that I had which I felt like it was coming as we didn't cuddle or he wasn't kissing me like normal. I then asked for a second chance which I was given. That was early Sunday morning and from Monday to early Friday morning there was no communication from him which I knew then that this wasn't going to work out as I feel like if you're in a relationship you want to talk to that person as much as you can (text, in person, on the phone, Skype, etc.). I sent him a message saying that I wanted to have a chat. On Friday night, we ended things and agreed to remain as friends which honestly is a little different for me as I'm not friends with any of my other ex's, although they all abused me in one way or another and he never abused me.

To be honest, I try to be happy and I know God has someone out there for me but it hurts seeing friends and family in relationships, getting married and starting a family.  I know that my time will come and I'll meet my future husband/father of my children and that God isn't making me go through all of my break ups for no reason. He's just showing me the guys that I shouldn't have a future with and that's my dream guy is still out there looking for me.

<3 Amanda 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th Of July


I wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  I wanted to say thanks to all of the Veterans and those who are currently serving to help keep America free and safe.Please be careful and safe!

<3 Amanda

Sunday, July 3, 2016

National Country Music Day (July 4th)

Tomorrow is National County Music Day but I have a post in mind for tomorrow so I decided to write this post a day early. I was raised listening to country music. My dad's favorite county singer is Tim McGraw and my mom's is Reba McEntire. My first concert was a Martina McBride's Christmas Concert.I remember going with my mom and getting a shirt(which I still have by the way). I also attended a concert with my brother and it was a Martina McBride/ Trace Adkins/Sarah Buxton concert, that was a really fun concert.

Since it's National County Music Day, I thought of listing my favorite county singers/duos/groups(in no particular order):

Carrie Underwood
Martina McBride
Faith Hill
Sara Evans
Rascal Flatts
Cassadee Pope
Tim McGraw
Blake Shelton
Luke Bryan
Brad Paisley
Kenny Chesney
Keith Urban
Lauren Alaina
Jana Kramer
Sam Hunt
Florida Georgia Line
Maddie and Tae
Thompson Square
Dan And Shay
Lady Antebellum

Do you listen to county music? If so, who are your favorite county artists?

<3 Amanda