Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Opinion On Pokemon Go


Since Pokemon came out in the 1990's, I grew up with it. Having two older brothers who played Pokemon and collected Pokemon cards,I started playing and collecting as well. Reflecting back, to my knowledge there was a higher number of boys who were playing than girls.I remember my brothers getting Pokemon cards and then trading with each other and friends. I recall playing Pokemon with them with our cards but today, i would be really confused playing.

Recently,there was an app that came out called "Pokemon Go!" My opinion in simple words is that it's crazy. It's crazy because it's just another excuse for teens/adults to be more attached to their phones and zone out their family and friends. Yes, they might play with their friends and family but it's not the same. It's more crazy that people are getting injured playing this app. I have heard several stories of people getting hit by cars,trespassing and even falling off of a cliff near San Diego trying to catch Pokemon (Tribune Media Wire (2016). In Pittsburgh, a girl playing the app blames it for her getting hit by a car (Ingram, S.,2016). That's seriously ridiculous. That is like blaming Facebook for having a profile picture that you don't like of yourself. You are the one who chooses which picture to use as your profile picture,NOT Facebook. It is YOUR job to play an app and to also pay attention to your surroundings. DON'T try to cross a busy highway or street because most likely you'll get hit because for one, you're probably not paying attention and two,some drivers don't pay attention 100% and might not see you in time. 

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that Pokemon Go is a bad app but when people start blaming their injuries on the app, that is when I think it's crazy and ridiculous. It is YOUR job to remain safe, NOT the app's responsibility. 


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<3 Amanda 

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