Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Update

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for being MIA on here for a few days. Life has just been stressful and hectic these past few months. To start it off, I am back living at my mom's. I decided to move back as where I was living turned out to not be the best environment for me (but I won't go into details). I also went through breakups. When I moved the first time, I was dating someone and almost two months into the relationship, I broke up with him due to personal circumstances. That happened in mid-April. In early May, I started talking to a guy and I really liked him plus he let me vent to him when I had a bad day or was just feeling down. We met after I moved back and that weekend, we became a couple. A few days after our one month, we talked and agreed that we were better as friends. I am currently single but have been talking to someone. I don't really want to rush into a relationship but if something happens, I'm going to stop it because I do want to be happy.

I am still in college but I'm currently in a leave of absence due to personal circumstances. I'm planning on going back in September. Before I decided to take the leave of absence, my expected completion date was May of 2017 but now it will be later in the fall.  I'm okay with that, I feel like I needed this change and the leave of absence to focus on other things that have kind of been pushed aside.

<3 Amanda

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