Monday, November 18, 2019

Birth Story Of Baby Boy

Hey all,

Looking back on the last post I wrote I was 23 weeks pregnant. A lot of time has past and I happy to announce to you all that I had my baby boy back in July, and I'm loving being a mom.He recently turned 4 months and I wanted to write this post about how he came into this world before I forget all the smaller details. So lets begin:

So if you didn't know this his due date was July 7th which gave me a sign that he was supposed to be in this world and be my son as the number 7 is my favorite number so I always felt like this was supposed to happen as his due date was 7-7-2019. Well baby boy didn't get that memo because on July 10th, I was at my OBYGN getting checked. She said he's not coming anytime soon because I wasn't dilated or effaced at all. Since I was past my due date, she scheduled me to be induced on that Sunday night (July 14th). Baby boy was low but was being stubborn.

I went home and spread the news that if baby boy didn't surprisingly come on his own then I would be induced that weekend. I made sure I had everything that I needed for baby boy and myself, and probably double checked more than a few times. Now, when I tell you his birth story I'm not sure of the times when everything happened as I was by myself so I wasn't too concerned on remembering what time different things happened.

Around 8pm on the 14th, baby boy's dad's mom and myself arrived at the hospital for induction. I got all checked in and changed into the gown.  His mom left shortly after that. The nurse that checked me in and the resident (I think that what her title was) came back in and inserted a pill into my cervix to see if it would do anything. They left that in for about 2 hours I believe, but it made not a big increase. At 1am, I was checked again and had the balloon inserted. That was really uncomfortable but I knew it had to be done in order to get baby boy down. The nurse would come in around every 1/2 hour and kind tug at it to see if baby boy moved down any. She then took it out. She advised me to get some sleep so I tried to but couldn't because of the contractions that I was getting so she gave me a sleeping pill but that didn't help at all. So after that she put something in my IV that helped me sleep a little bit. I then felt a pop and was pretty sure my water broke so I pressed the call button. She came in as she was noticing things on her end and told me to lay the other way. I told her that I think my water broke so she checked and was like yup, your water broke. She did say something about the color of it and how just in case when he's born there was going to be doctors for him just in case in the room.

I then got my epidural (which wasn't that bad to get) around 3cm and that helped me sleep until around 7:30ish where I got woken up saying something about his heart rate so they had me lay a different way. They also said I was 8cm now.A few minutes after that my son's dad's sister came in and then my aunt(who I was in contact with that morning) and my mom and my son's dad's mom came. Soon after that it was go time. I starting pushing and honestly it wasn't too terrible until his head started coming out was when I felt most of the pressure. I didn't really make any noises until that happened. He came out and they put him on my chest ,and I bawled. I wasn't expecting to cry that much and that hard but when you waited for that moment to finally happened and when you see your entire life looking up at you, your heart just melts.

Baby boy Grayson was:
 born on July 15th, 2019
11:32am after approx 14 hours in labor
   7lbs, 11 oz
   21 1/2 inches long

<3 Amanda 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Pregnancy Update

Hey guys,

So long no blog post?!  I thought I would pop on here to update you all on how my pregnancy is going this far. Yesterday (Sunday) I just turned 23 weeks, which seems crazy to think about since I was only about 5 weeks when I got my first positive hpt.  I've been to the doctor three times so far and everything looks great. I'm told I'm young and healthy, so that was good to hear. I've been to 2 ultrasounds. The first one at 9 weeks, 4 days and then at 21 weeks to find out the gender which will be in a future post. My pregnancy has been going good so far besides the fact that in the first trimester, I pretty much had all day sickness instead of the typical "morning sickness". I'm glad I'm out of the first trimester. About two weeks ago I want to say is when I first started feeling flutters in my uterus and this past week, I've started feeling the baby's kicks with my hand and was able to capture some movement on my phone.

The next pregnancy update will be where I announce if I'm having a daughter or a son, so keep an eye out for that. Let me know in the comments, what's your guess is :)

<3 Amanda

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Get To Know Me

Hey guys,

Since it's the new year, I decided to do a tag of questions so you can get to know me better and who knows, we might have things in common.
  1. How tall are you? 5'7
  2. Dogs or Cats? I like both but I'm a dog person more
  3. What year were you born? 1990 (Just turned 28)
  4. Are you in/have you gone to college? I did an online college
  5. What is your favorite drink? Water
  6. Tea or Coffee? Neither 
  7. What are your life goals? To be the best mom I can be and be happy in life.
  8. What sports do you play or have you played? I did gymnastics when I was younger and Track/field in my junior yr in high school
  9. What is your favorite movie? Coffee Shop (On Netflix)
  10. Who are your favorite YouTubers? I have a lot. Some are: Clancy Burke, HeyKayli,ThatYouTube Family, Meet The Millers, Phillips FamBam,The LeRoys, The Ohana Adventure, The Cort Report, The Cooper Fam.
  11. Do you speak any languages and how well? None, except a few words in Spanish
  12. Are you single or taken? Single
  13. How long was your longest relationship? Almost 3 years
  14. How would you describe your fashion sense? Comfortable
  15. What is your go to hairstyle? Ponytail or bun
  16. How many siblings do you have? 3 brothers 
  17. What is your go to fast food order? Most often chicken tenders and fries
  18. What is your favorite Netflix show? Fuller House (I haven't seen the recent season tho, not yet)
  19. What theme parks have you been to? Michigan Adventures, Disney World and Cedar Point.
  20. Show us your songs tab on Spotify: Some of my favorite songs currently are "Drunk Me:-Mitchell Tenpenny, "No Place": Backstreet Boys, "Marry Me" Elle Mears
  21. Do you have any bad habits? Picking at my nails
  22. What is your favorite genre of film and why? It depends on the mood I'm in but it's never horror/scary/thriller.
  23. Have you ever failed at anything and what did you learn? Algebra 2 in junior year of h.s. I learned that I'm not a math person. Lol
  24. What are your pet peeves? When others cough/sneeze with their mouths opened and not against their shoulders.
  25. How many countries have you traveled to? 1, Canada
  26. What is your favorite color? Pink
  27. What are your favorite values in friends? Honestly, Kindness, Respect, Supportive, Friendliness .
  28. What is one thing you wished people knew about you? That even though I can be quiet at times doesn't mean that I don't like you.
  29. What social media are you addicted to? To be honest, Facebook and Instagram
  30. How well do you get along with your family? Somewhat
  31. What is the biggest struggle you overcame? Being bullied in school and Selective Mutism
  32. Who is your role model? I'd have to say my dad and one of my brothers.
  33. Who is your celebrity crush? Zac Efron
  34. What was your dream job as a kid? I remember teacher, Interior Designer and mom.
  35. What is your coffee order? None!
<3 Amanda