Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Top Favorites School Supplies

I'm no longer in a grade that needs school supplies,but I am in online college so I need a few school supplies. When I was younger, I looked forward to the fall time because it might back to school and school supplies!! I have some favorite school supplies that I loved and some things that helped me (when I was in school and now).

  • Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils-  Something about these makes my penmanship more better and I liked the grip of them better than regular mechanical pencils or regular pencils.

  • Paper Mate Flair M Pens- They also make my penmanship look nice, I think due to the fine point. They also are nice to have for proofreading and revising.
  • A planner- You normally get a planner (or agenda) in school but in college, a planner is really helpful and nice to have as you can write don what you have to get completed in each class.
  • Index cards- Very helpful to study vocabulary or terms you need to know.
  • Highlighters/colored pens-  I'm a visual person so it's nice to have things colored coded sometimes so I can study better,

What are your top school supplies? Leave them down below.

<3 Amanda 

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