Monday, July 18, 2016

Which Singer Would You Meet?


I think questions like this are fun to answer. If I had the chance to meet a singer, who would I meet?Whenever I think about this question, two names always comes to my mind and they Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood. After hearing those names,you can probably guess that my favorite genre of music and you'd be correct. Growing up, my parents mostly listened to country music and that is how I started listening to Martina McBride. Fun fact, my first concert was a Martina McBride's Christmas concert. She is my top favorite singer. 

I first was introduced to Carrie Underwood when I saw her auditioning for American Idol on TV. I liked her and thought she was a really good singer but I liked her more when she said that she liked Martina McBride. I voted for her every week and when she won and became the next American Idol, I won't lie I was tearing up.

If you could meet any singer, who would you choose?

<3 Amanda 

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