Sunday, July 17, 2016

10 Tips For Starting High School


It's almost back to school time and I thought I would give you guys 10 tips on starting high school.  High school is a big transition for some people. You begin at a small elementary school then move onto middle school which is a larger building and then end at a bigger building for high school.
  1. Be yourself! Peer pressure is a big thing in high school.If you don't want to try out for a sport but your friends want you to, then don't. You should be involved in sports and other activities only if you want to and enjoy it. This also goes for peer pressure when your friends try to make you start smoking and etc. Say No and just walk away. If they continue to peer pressure you, you should think about if they are true friends and if you should remain friends with them.
  2. My second tip goes along with the last part of tip #1, and that's is that your friend group will change. In my experience, I had 2 really close friends pretty much my whole middle school years and when we got into high school near the end of the year, I kind of drifted away from them. I'm not really sure what happened, I don't think we had a fight but then again,sometimes people just change.
  3. Do your homework. Some teachers might let you turn it in late but most often teachers won't.It's just easier to get it turned in when it's due.
  4. When you have knowledge of an essay that you have to write, get started on it as soon as you can so you can have enough time to add to it and revise it.
  5. When you have a test or a quiz,study,study,study!! If you don't understand something completely, ask a classmate who understands it to explain it to you or ask your teacher. 
  6. Don't skip or play hooky because you will just have more homework to do the next night or if you get caught, you might get suspended. 
  7. Highlighters and different color pens are great tools for note taking.
  8. Use flashcards (index cards) for studying vocabulary words or terms you need to know for a test. Once you know the definition of the word or term, put it in a separate pile so you know that you already know those words and can focus on the ones you don't. 
  9. Use a planner!!! A tip I have for planners is to use a different colored pen for each class and use that pen to write your homework or test date in your planner. Once you're done with the homework, you can just highlight it or put a little check by it so you can see that you completed your homework.
  10. My last tip is to not rush these four years because they actually go by really fast. This school year marks the 8th year I have been out of high school and sometimes I miss it because it was so much easier back then.
<3 Amanda

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