Saturday, July 21, 2018

This OR That??

Hey guys,

I have seen this type of video going around on YouTube and I thought why not make it a blog post.
  1. McDonald's OR Burger King? BK! Chicken Fries & Fries!!
  2. Jeans OR Leggings? Leggings!
  3. Flip-flops OR Tennis Shoes? Flip-flops during the summer and then UGGS in the winter.
  4. Summer OR Winter? Summer,but more preferably fall;not too hot/not too cold
  5. Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate? Milk Chocolate
  6. Dogs OR Cats? Dogs
  7. Glasses OR Contacts? Glasses; I don't think I could put something in my eye.
  8. Tacos OR Pizza? Pizza (Pepperoni).
  9. Pen OR Pencil? Pen! I just write better with pens.
  10. Candy OR Popcorn? Candy, I don't like popcorn.
  11. Pop OR Water? Water. I haven't drank pop in forever.
  12. Pancake OR Waffle? Pancakes 
  13. IHOP OR Denny's? IHOP
  14. Morning OR Night? Night, I'm not a morning person.
  15. Movie at home OR At theater? Depends,but more likely movie at home
  16. Chocolate OR Vanilla? Chocolate 
  17. Rain OR Snow? Rain, I dislike the cold.
  18. Hamburger OR Hot dog? Hot dog
  19. Comedy OR Horror? Comedy
  20. Banana OR Apple? Banana
  21. White OR Wheat bread? White
  22. Chocolate OR Gummy candy? Chocolate
  23. Math OR Writing? Writing, I dislike math
  24. Swim in a pool OR Lake? Pool
  25. Long hair OR Short hair? Hmm..Medium hair
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