Saturday, July 7, 2018

Summer 2018 Tag

Hey guys,

If you're a blogger like me, sometimes you run into writer's block when thinking of a post to publish. A fun way to get my creative mind going is to create tags. Tags can be about anything you want them to be about. Here's my summer 2018 tag.

  1. What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? Hanging outside with others if it's not too hot, and swimming.
  2. What is your favorite summer beverage? Plain water or Sparking Ice water
  3. Beach or pool? Pool
  4. Do you normally get tanned or sunburned? Sunburned 
  5. What is your favorite summer footwear(flip-flops,slides, birkenstocks,etc)? Flip-flops
  6. What is your favorite summer movie?  "Dear John", "The Last Song" or "Greta"
  7. Anything planned for this summer? Spend time with my boyfriend and hopefully find a job
  8. What is your favorite song about the summer? "Honey Bee" Blake Shelton, "Sunshine and Summertime" Faith Hill
  9. Do you like summer thunderstorms? Sometimes, as long as we don't lose power
  10. What's your favorite summer outfit? Shorts and a tank top or t-shirt

I hope you enjoyed this short summer 2018 tag. Feel free to complete the tag yourself if you have a blog or YouTube channel.

<3 Amanda 

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