Monday, July 31, 2017

The End Is Near


Hey guys,

I never thought I would get to this part of my life and that is only a few weeks (10 to be exact) until I have completed my bachelor year in college.I have always wanted to attend college because I was one of those weird students who liked homework in school. After I graduated high school, my classmates pretty much went off to many different colleges. At that time, I felt like I was stuck because I was stuck at home while they were continuing their educations. I did apply to our community college and went to take the accuplacer test but didn't end up going there. It wasn't until Summer/fall of 2013 that I was more focused and serious about attending college for something that has to do with kids because I loved the environment of when I volunteered at the elementary school. I decided that my major would be Early Childhood Development. I also did not want to go to a campus college as I didn't think that was for me as if I had to go in front of a huge college class I would definitely have really bad anxiety. I researched many online colleges and decided on the one that I am enrolled in. I begun my associates year in August of 2013. 

Being in college really surprise me because I know that I'm smart but everyone told me that college is a lot harder than high school so I kept that in the back of my mind. When I was getting my grades back for my assignments, they were pretty much all A's which made me think really good about myself because in high school I didn't always get A's. Talking about grades, at this moment I have completed all of my courses (associate and bachelor year) with all A's except for 2 B+'s, 

On Wednesday I begin my final 10 weeks of college. It is a sad and happy feeling at the same time.It's a sad feeling because that is how my life has been for the past few years (assignments, papers, quizzes, etc.) and happy because I finally achieved my dream, made myself proud and also my family and friends proud. I have also made some great friends that I would never have met if I didn't do online college. I have had some great and not so great professors,and I also have had some easy courses and then some harder courses.I am proud of myself for all of what I accomplished (pretty much all of the President's Lists and 1 or 2 Dean's lists). I never gave up even if I did have to take 2 leave of absences for personal reasons but I went back and kept on my goal. 

If you ever have a goal that you are not sure that you can succeed, go for it. That is what I did and I have almost achieved mine. I was believed in, supported and encouraged and I believe, encourage and support you with your goals.

<3 Amanda 

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