Wednesday, January 31, 2018

25 Random Things About Me

Hey guys,

I have posted one of these a few years back but I thought I would post another one because I'm sure I have new readers. Hope you learn something new about me after reading :)

1. I'm not a big chip or popcorn person. I have to be in the mood to eat them
2. I attended two high schools
3. I almost lived in Canada. My parents misplaced my brothers' and mine passport or birth certificates when we went to Canada for vacation when I was younger and was trying to get back into the United States
4. I am re-watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix
5. The Greatest Showman soundtrack is what I play on Spotify recently
6. The chore I dislike the least is dishes
7. The chore I like the most is laundry but not the putting clothes away part
8. After I take a shower, I brush my hair out and then throw it up into a bun because I don't like cold hair touching my neck
9. My least favorite vegetable are carrots
10. My favorite vegetables are broccoli with cheese and cut green beans
11. I like my penmanship
12. My favorite animal is dogs
13. My favorite Oreo flavor is birthday cake
14. I am sorta lactose intolerant. I can eat some dairy products.
15. I have never tried coffee but I don't think it smells that great
16. My favorite colors are pink, turquoise/teal, orange, and purple
17. If I could meet any singer, I would meet Carrie Underwood or Martina McBride
18. It's not on anymore but I could never be on Fear Factor
19.  I chose Carrie Underwood as my consonant to win her season of American Idol as soon as she said she likes Martina McBride
20. I'm a night owl
21. My favorite # is 7
22. I was born on December 28th but I was supposed to be born January 7th, so that might be how my favorite number is 7 somehow
23. My favorite cereal is Krave-Double Chocolate
24.  I like Target and Five Below
25. I like candles

Do we have some things in common? Let me know down below.

<3 Amanda

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