Friday, July 31, 2020

Children's Place Clothing Haul

Hey guys,

I recently ordered my son some new clothes from The Children's Place. He currently can fit in 2T shirts and shorts. I haven't tried pants (especially jeans on him yet since it's still really warm here). He just turned one earlier this month but because he's so tall for his age (31.5 inches at his last appointment) he can fit into 2T.

For this clothing haul, I decided to focus on just 3T shirts for him for the winter time (November- March) as I feel like he'll grow into 3T shirts before 3T pants. My next clothing haul will be like 3T pants, 3T pajamas, Winter Boots, etc. For this clothing haul as well I got him some Halloween and Christmas shirts just to have them before they sold out closer to those holidays. If I can find the links to the specific shirts, I'll leave it below. I know I didn't pay the exact price tho as it's best to look for sale, clearance and other deals.

What's you favorite stores to shop for your child(ren)? They could either be stores you actually go into or online stores. Let me know down below! 

<3 Amanda 

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