Thursday, December 15, 2016

What I Ate Today(Thursday, December 15th)

Hey guys,

I thought I would post my first "What I ate Today" and see how well you guys like it although I forgot to take pictures.


Egg and sausage grillers with cheese sandwich

  • 2 eggs,scrambled (with salt and pepper)
  •  2 cut up sausage grillers with cheddar
  • 2 pieces of white toast
  • 1 piece of Velveeta sliced cheese
  • Water

  • Hershey Bar

  • One sausage griller with cheddar with ketchup
  • Leftover Green Beans with salt and pepper
  • Leftover Four Cheese mashed potatoes with salt and pepper
  • Water

  • Velveeta Mac and Cheese single cup
  • Water

Snack (beverage)
  • Hot chocolate 

What is your favorite food and/or beverage? Leave them in the comments below.

<3 Amanda 

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