Friday, December 16, 2016

Having A Parent With A Disease (Parkinson's Disease)


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I had this topic in my head for awhile now but I have derided to write the post today. You never think that one of your parents will be diagnosed with a disease at a young age and then have to live with it for the rest of their life. I had to experience that the summer before my sophomore year of high school when my mom,age 45, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  My parents sat us down in the living room (my 2 older brothers and younger brother) and explained to us that my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I don't think it hit me at first but as the months went by, I saw a difference in her.She was unable to drive then (and still unable to drive), couldn't do things with me anymore, and other things along those lines. I think it ended up affecting me more than my brothers as I'm my mom's only daughter and moms and daughters typically do things together.  

In 2015, she decided to have Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery, which I, personally, didn't think it would do anything and was nervous that they would hit the wrong nerve and then the surgery would be unsuccessful. The surgery happened and again, in my opinion, I don't think it helped, if it did anything, it made her worse. Then in October of 2015, she fell and ended up breaking 9 ribs and puncturing a lung. She was in the hospital for a few days and then was in a rehabilitation center until early December. She did have caregivers come in and assist her with various tasks but since then she has gotten better (still have PD) but is capable of doing some things by herself.

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