Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017 Recap (Back story)


Hey guys,

Something that I haven't mentioned on here yet is that I'm in a new relationship. I haven't been on here much as my dad recently just moved out of state and I wanted to spend time with him before he moved as he moved across the country.  Want to hear the back story of my new relationship? If you do, keep on reading. 

We met online and I know that people have their own opinions about online dating, but I would have never have met him if I wasn't on the website. We talked on the site for a day and then started texting. Since that night, we have texted every single day. The unfortunate thing is that he does live about 2 hours away. We then decided to meet the afternoon of my dad's surprise birthday party (guess it was a surprise day for me as well meeting a guy that I have never seen before in person). My dad and him got along very well. After my dad's party, we went on a movie/dinner date. We saw  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and ate at Logan's. He had the Fried Cheese and Bacon Burger and I had the normal, Chicken Tender; we both had fries of course. After dinner, he brought me home but not without giving me a kiss.

That next weekend was actually my dad's going away party, and my dad invited him to it before Could even tell him about it. The party was on Saturday, but he came in that Friday and we had Burger King (my choice and my favorite fast food place). He had a burger (I forgot the name), and wanna guess what I had? Chicken Fries and French Fries, with ketchup of course. Then the next day was my dad's party.  We hung out there as I was the one with the camera. We hung out after that at my place,playing rummy with my dad and younger brother. That night I also asked him to be my Valentine's, and then only a few hours later on February 4th, 2017, we became boyfriend and girlfriend.  

We decided to exchange gifts the Saturday before Valentine's Day as he does live about 2 hours away. He gave me my gifts which was a pink stuffed hippo and some chocolate covered Oreo's (pictured below). I made him a jar with Hershey kisses that read "Kisses when I'm not around", and I also wrote him some "Open When..." envelopes. I also had a small dinner for later that night, which wasn't huge at all. All there was were those little grillers (hot dogs) with cheese in the middle, Macaroni  and cheese, and deviled eggs. That night we made popcorn and watched "The Switch", and then a few episodes of "The New Girl". 

Just like every other psst weekend, we are hanging this weekend and I can't wait to see him again. Like I said above, we have texted every day since the day we started texting aka first day we met online.  Shortly after that, we have talked every day sometimes more than once. He makes me extremely happy!!  :)

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day. Hope you all had a chance to eat some chocolate. 

Update- I'm no longer with this boyfriend 
<3 Amanda 

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