Saturday, August 12, 2017

Favorite YouTube Channels Pt.3

Hey guys,

I decided that it was time to type up another Favorite YouTube Channels post.  Here are 5 of my favorites. They range from all over! 

Phillips FamBam (YouTube Channel): This family is a great one to watch. The family consists of the parents Danny and Tina, and children Braden, Ashlynn, Ethan, Elijah and Emberlynn. They post a variety of different videos that everyone can enjoy. They post Cook With Me's, Vlogs, Challenges, Hauls, Eat With Me's and much much more. Danny and Tina are such great people to look up to, and you can tell by their videos how much their family love one another. You can find them on their social media sites; Facebook, Instagram, Tina's Twitter and Danny's Twitter. You should definitely go check them out! You won't regret it!

itsmekassidee (YouTube Channel): The first thing that I like about her is that her spelling of her name is unique and I have never seen it spelt with a "K" before. Other than the spelling of her name, I like watching her videos because she is real and show how real life can be. She's married to Cary and they have 2 adorable children; Jensen and Lila. She posts vlogs, hauls and more.  You should check out her social media site; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.  

The Weiss Life (YouTube Channel): This family consists of Jeff and Melissa (the parents) and Gabrielle, Gracelynn ,Gwyneth ,Gretchen and  Gemma. You could say that Jeff is out numbered but I don't think he minds. They post videos like Build-A-Bear videos, Vlogs, Challenges and much more. The girls also have their own channel, which you can check out by clicking hereTheir social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest.

HappilyAHousewife(YouTube Channel): Samantha is married to Matt and they have 3 children, Matthew, Lillian and Joshua. Through her videos I can tell that she is a great mom to her children. She's also really pretty. She posts a variety of videos and they range from Cleaning, Back To School, Grocery Hauls, Planner Videos, and much much more.  She is also a baseball mom. You should check out her social media sites! They are Twitter,Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook and Blog.

Lehoux Family (YouTube Channel): The Lehoux Family is a YouTube family from Canada. One thing that I like about them is that they also show how real life can be. Their family is Brad and Sara, and their children Sophia, Cohen,Nolan and Grayson. Sara has a personal channel as well and you can check it out here. She hasn't posted on that channel in awhile but there are still great videos on that channel. On their main channel, they post vlogs filled with a variety of things. You should check out their social media sites;  Facebook and Instagram.

Let me know down below if you subscribed to any of these channels. They are all great YouTubers!  

<3 Amanda 

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