Saturday, August 12, 2017

Time Management For College


Hey guys,

Even though I am only a few weeks away from completing my bachelor year I still struggle with time management a little bit. My (online) college goes from Wednesdays to Tuesdays at 11:59 pm. We have to get all of our work in by 11:59 pm or it will be considered late. The work that I typically have in a week for 2 courses is:

  • Discussion board where we have to post our initial post and then respond to at least two classmates.
  • Readings 
  • Seminar
  • Journal (depends on the course)
  • Quiz ( depends on the course how many in a course)
  • Assignment (Typically every other week)

This current week though I have 2 discussion boards, 4 responses to do, 2 seminars and readings. This week isn't that bad as in workload. It is 12;21 am on Saturday morning, and all I still have to do is one discussion board, 4 responses, , one course reading and a seminar (which is on Mondays night so that's why). As it being early Saturday morning and having 4 days left to get everything completed I don't think I'm doing that horrible on my time management this week.

One key term that pops in my head is procrastination!! I am so guilty of that. For example, in one of my past courses I was finishing up a paper on Tuesday night I want to say around 4-5 pm and my laptop shuts off by itself (guessing it got too hot). I turned it back on and I think the majority of it was gone. Yup, I had to retype mostly everything.  There was tears as I liked what I had previously typed and was really nervous that due to having to type mostly everything again then I would get a low grade but I was really grateful that I got an A (I believe it was an a).

One of the things that I started way back in my associate year is to get a planner and write down all of my assignments that I had to do that week. As the days passed and I didn't do something I would write it on the next day. When I got things completed and submitted, I would highlight it so I knew I had that particular assignment done. A planner can help a lot with things other than school work if you're not in school.

Do you struggle with time management? Do you have any additional tips that work for you when it comes to time management? Let me know down below!

<3 Amanda

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