Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Preventing Bullying

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Since today is the first day of school in my district, I wanted to write this post because I think it's an important topic especially since school is just beginning. As you can tell by the title of this post, this is about bullying prevention. Now, I have been in the shoes of someone being bullied a lot throughout my school years so I unfortunately know how it feels to be bullied. If you're being bullied and feel like you don't have anyone to talk to, you are always welcomed to send me a message through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or E-mail (I'll have them all listed below). 

Bullying is a serious issue throughout the world and needs to end! Nobody should have to go through being bullied. It's really sad to see on Facebook News reports of kids/teens committing suicide because they think that the only way out from getting bullied. The statistics are also sad to read (, 2018) :

  • 28% of U.S. students in grades 6–12  and 20% of U.S. students in grades 9–12 experienced bullying. -You may say only 28% and 20% ,those sound like low percentages, but in all honestly those percentages are high in this situation. The percentage for both of those grades groups should be 0. 
  • Approximately 30% of young people admit to bullying others in surveys.-Although they were honest in the surveys, they should put themselves in the kids they bullys' shoes and see how being bullied affects them.
  • The most common types of bullying are verbal and social. Physical bullying happens less often. Cyberbullying happens the least frequently. -Since social media is growing and the number of cell phones and electronics are increasing, I feel cyber bullying is happening more. Kids/teens think if they bully someone through social media sites it isn't bullying because they are not saying it directly to their face but it is absolutely still considered bullying. 
  • Only about 20 to 30% of students who are bullied notify adults about the bullying. -Some kids/teens think if they tell on their bullies that will only make them bully them even more. I will say that I've been nervous to tell educators about what was going on. 
  • There is no federal anti-bullying law. Although 49 states have anti-bullying legislation, bullying is not illegal. - Bullying should be illegal because it does more harm than some people realize. 

Parents/Guardians- Please talk to your children about bullying and that being a bully will not be tolerated. If they see a friend or a classmate being bullied, encourage them to go tell an educator.

Educators- Please keep an eye out for bullying occurring in your classroom and school. If you see bullying going on please talk to the student that is bullying. If a student informs you of bullying happening, please know that they are telling you because they trust you, and please again talk to the student who is bullying.

Students- Please know that if you're being bullied, you don't have to deal with it by yourself. Educators are there to help you and keep you safe. If you don't want to tell your teacher/principal/ counselor what's going on ask a friend to tell them. I'm sure they will keep you anonymous if you ask them to.

Remember, I have been in your shoes and I'm here if you need someone to talk to. 


I hope everyone has a great school year!! (2018). Facts About Bullying. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Aug. 2018].

<3 Amanda 

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