Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Current Favorites- October 2018

Hey guys,

I thought I would make a blog post about my current favorites as I haven't in a while.


  • "Dear God": Hunter Hayes
  • "Marry Me": Thomas Rhett
  • "Life Changes": Thomas Rhett
  • "Love Wins": Carrie Underwood
  • "Back Sliding": Carrie Underwood

TV Shows

  • 911 (FOX)-  I like this show because it doesn't just focus on one emergency service.  This show shows the polices', firefighter's and EMTs' perspective of emergencies, as well as the dispatchers' perspective as well.
  • Dancing With The Stars- Juniors(ABC) - My 2 top favorites are  Elliana Walmsley &  Jason Maybaum and Rylee Arnold & Miles Brown
  • Dancing With The Stars(ABC)- My favorite is Whitney Carson & Milo Manheim
  • The Rookie (ABC)- Well first of all, if you ever watched Castle with Nathan Fillion then I'm sure you'll like this show.
  • Manifest (NBC)- I heard that this show would be compared to the show Lost. I might have watched 1 or 2 episodes of Lost and I like this show better. It's really interesting and you have to pay attention to the show.


  • That YouTub3 Family- This family consists of  "David" (Dad), "Katie" (Mom), Audrey, Jordan, Jake and Ty.  I put quotations around the parents' name because for safety reasons, they don't give out their real names. One of my favorite videos that they do are their 24 hours challenges. Jake and Ty also has their own channel called Jake and Ty.
  • All Around Audrey- On her channel, she posts review videos, challenges, DIY's and much much more. She also has another channel called Aud Vlogs where she publishes her vlogs.
  • Just Jordan 33- Jordan also has her own channel where she posts slime videos, challenges and more fun videos to watch. 

Leave me a comment below your current favorites are.

<3 Amanda 

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