Monday, June 5, 2017

Big Updates

Hey everyone!

A lot has happened over these past few months. I got my first article published in an online magazine. I'm not sure which articles received the most likes yet but when I get that information, I will let you guys know. I begun my second to last term of college. I'm currently taking The 1960's: Reshaping The American Dream and Genetics. They are both going well at the moment. Genetics can be a little confusing and hard but I'm not giving up. I want to do posts about being an online college student so stay tuned for those. Another great update I have to give you is I now have my own room (I was unfortunately sleeping on a couch) so I want to do some room blog posts like room tour, desk organization and etc. I'm just getting my room organized and how I want it so again stay tuned for those posts.

Is there any blog posts you guys have in mind concerning being an online college student or along the lines of a room tour? If so, please comment down below!  :)

<3 Amanda 

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