Friday, June 16, 2017

Room Tour- June 2017

Hey guys,

Here is my much waited room tour.  I might not go into much detail for some areas of my rooms as I'm planning on doing more in depth posts on those areas. One thing that you probably will wonder is why I have these things/areas in my room and that is because although I'm an online college student(4 more courses to complete including the two I'm taking right now) I wanted to make my room feel like a dorm since I have never got to live in one.

When you walk into my room and stand by the door

When you stand in the corner diagonally of the corner with the door

The corner by my bed

My bed! Comforter is from Target (and also the sheets and pink/grey reversible pillow case that is hidden behind the turquoise pillow)

3 pillows are from Five Below

From Amazon

From Amazon

From Amazon

My nightstand next to my bed with my TV remotes, tablet and phone.

My desk area (Need some work).

My health/beauty area.

TV (necklaces are currently on the ground as I need to find a necklace holder). If you have a good eye, there is a Munchpak box on the couch so stay tuned for a review!
Closet top shelf

Closet top shelf


Closet organizer from Target (I built it all by myself!). The different color bins came from Five Below.

Extra beverages like plain water and sparkling ice water
Snacks (Shoe organizer came from Target)

What's your favorite area in your room?

<3 Amanda 

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