Thursday, June 1, 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Fathers And Other Father Figures

Hey guys,

Father's Day is approaching in just a few weeks, so I thought of a few gift ideas for your dads and other father figures in your life. My father lives out of the state so I can't do most of these ideas but he will still get a gift from me, of course! I actually had an idea of going to him for Father's Day but unfortunately personal circumstance got in the way. 

Gifts For Fathers

  • A simple thank you and a hug
  • Sport tickets
  • Go see a movie with him (pay for his ticket and pop corn)
  • Cook him dinner
  • Make him breakfast in bed
  • Bake him a cake or his favorite baked good
  • Take him out for dinner
  • Wash his vehicle
  • Write him a letter letting him know what you love about him

Gifts For Other Father Figures 
  • A letter letting him know how he has impacted your life
  • A movie bucket with pop corn, a DVD,snacks, etc.
  • Bring him some backed goods

What are you planning on doing for your father or father figure? 

<3 Amanda 

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