Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Violence Is Never The Answer


Hey guys,

I wasn't sure what to say about what happened in Manchester at Ariana Grande's concert.  I saw my friends posting about it on Facebook that night and I wasn't sure what happened, so I was googling about it and read the very sad news. The first thing that quickly came to my mind is Christina Grimmie and that we lost another young lady who had her whole life ahead of her. I found out that Ariana was confirmed safe, so that was great news to hear. But sadly there was 22 people killed and a lot of people were injured. 

 When you buy a ticket to a concert, sport event, etc. you look forward to it and are excited to have a fun time with whoever you're going with. You should not be scared that something is going to happen that is going to make your life in danger, injure you or kill you.   If more things like this start happening more, I don't know if anyone will want to go to concerts and other events because they will be scared.

I read earlier today that Ariana is paying for all of the funeral costs for her fans. That just shows how much she loves her fans and that she is a great person in general. She's probably blaming herself for what happened because it was at her concert, but she should know that what happened was not her fault at all.

I don't know if I have any readers from Manchester or near there, but if you have any friends or family that were killed or injured, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

<3 Amanda

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