Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Starting A New Term


Hey guys,

As I start my new classes for my next term tomorrow, I decided I would tell you all my feelings towards them now and in about 10 weeks or so let you guys know how they went.  My classes are all online ( 100%), and they go for 10 weeks each. My new courses for this upcoming term are: The 1960's: Reshaping The American Dream and Genetics.  I needed to choose one last elective and after looking over all of my choices I chose to go with Genetics for a few reasons. I thought the course sounded interesting and I also didn't want to take an elective that were too similar to my required classes  

I was never that great in history or science but I needed to choose a social science requirement and I chose to take the Reshaping The American Dream course. What is different for this course is we normally have eBooks or digital books but this course we have an actual book that was sent to us and also an eBook. The only other course that I received a book was when I was in my College Algebra course. 

As I was looking over the course, the classes don't seem too bad as of right now. There will of course be a lot of vocab but that's where index cards and different colored pens come into play.  My cumulative GPA is 3.96 and I'm going to try my hardest not to make that go down! I know that there will be some hard weeks but I will succeed and be proud of myself at the end of these 10 weeks!

Wish me luck!

<3 Amanda 

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