Monday, May 22, 2017

My Experience As An Elementary School Helper


Hey guys,

Something that I don't think I have mentioned before on my blog is that I was a classroom/school helper at an elementary school. I was there from March 2010 to April 2016.  The way that I begun volunteering is I e-mailed the secretary and she forwarded my e-mail to all of the teachers in the building. I was lucky and a teacher e-mailed me saying that she could always use volunteers. I went in and talked with her, and started soon after helping her every afternoon(except Wednesdays). I quickly looked up to her and saw her not only as the teacher that I helped but also as one of my mentors. Throughout the school year that was left, we had some inside jokes and it was really fun helping her and helping the students.  I continued being her classroom helper for a few years after that year. I knew that I could talk to her about anything ( my parents' divorce, my mom's Parkinson's Disease, etc.). Something that really made her a great person is when I e-mailed her and told her that my uncle was in the hospital with blood on his brain, she responded and said that the family comes first and if I needed anything to let her know. 

Besides helping in her class, I also helped out in a kindergarten class helping with handwriting and recess. The teacher was also a great teacher to help!  I also briefly helped out in 2 other classes, checking students' work for the teachers. Volunteering at the school really made me feel needed and appreciated and I'm sad that I had to stop due to personal reasons/ moving/etc. Whenever I am able to go in to volunteer in the lunchroom, it's nice to see the teachers and be around students because it feels like I have never left. 

While being a classroom helper, I also assisted the PTO with their school events. I volunteered at movie nights, book fairs, Secret Santa shop, Doughnuts with dads, and much more. I have created some great friendships with members of the PTO. Even though I'm not a parent or a teacher,they have told me many times in the past that they are appreciated and thankful for my help. 

The things that I have learned from the teachers, parents and the students would make a huge list. I am so happy and blessed that I got to have the experience that I have had and use it towards my future career working with children. If you ever have the chance or want to volunteer at a school, I definitely recommend it because you will end up learning a lot. You think you will go in to help teach the students but at the end the students also end up teaching you.

<3 Amanda 


  1. Our children are all grown up, I used to love volunteering in their classrooms and at the schools. Looking forward to helping out as a grandma one day!

    1. When I have my own children, I'm going to try my hardest to volunteer in their classroom and school.