Friday, May 19, 2017

Movie Review: The Space Between Us


Hey guys,

I recently just saw "The Space Between Us". It is about a boy being the first person to be born on Mars and through technology he meets a girl who lives on Earth. He ends up going to Earth and seeing things on Earth through his eyes for the first time. It's interesting and funny.  I liked this movie because it shows us that if you have never been in a situation or place before, you probably will have a really different perspective then those who lived there or experienced it before.

The main actresses and actors in this movie are :Gary Oldman,Janet Montgomery, Asa Butterfield,Carla Gugino and Britt Robertson. You might recognize Asa Butterfield from "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas"; and you might recognize Britt Robertson from the TV show "Life Unexpected" and movies like "Tomorrowland" and "The Longest Ride".

On IMDB, it rates "The Space Between Us" 6.4/10. I personally would rate it a 9/10.  I recommend watching this movie. The movie is PG-13 and is 2 hours (The Space Between Us , 2017).

Have you seen this movie yet? What did you think of it? What would you rate it out of 10 stars? 

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