Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Soundtrack of My Life

Hey guys,

I was tagged by Em from Em Linthorpe and you can check out her blog out here. She tagged me in "The Soundtrack of My Life". Now she did hers in chronological order and I'm going to do mine a little difference as I'm bad at saying which song came before a different song. I'm pretty much going to write about 7 different songs that has affected me in one way or another and how it has played into my life.

1. "From The Bottom of My Broken Heart": Brittney Spears
   The Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Brittney were some of the popular singers when I was growing up and who attained to my age group. Every school year, there was a talent show at the end of the year and I wanted to do this song with a  group of my friends. Thinking about it now, I must have had been feeling really brave at that moment when I decided that idea because I was a shy/quiet student and most likely would have gotten stage fright or declined to go up on stage.

2. " You Should Be Here""Cole Swindell 
 This is a song that reminds me of all of my friends who has passed away too soon. They all were very talented and never got the chance to show their talent more. R.I.P Carly, R.I.P Scott and R.I.P Branden.

3. "My Little Girl": Tim McGraw
 I'm my dad's only daughter so whenever the day I get married come, the father/daughter dance is going to be very special. We had a list of songs and I told him that the song choice would be his, and he chose this song very quickly. 

4. "This Is My Now": Jordin Sparks
This is my now to achieve my goals and do what I love to do. Nothing is going to happen if I don't at least try  :) 

5. "Heaven Needed Another Angel": Jo Dee Messina
This is a song that always remind me of a former teacher of mine who passed away too soon at a young age. She made such a huge impact on my life and influence me greatly. I know she's looking down on me and is proud of me. R.I.P Abbey.

6. "Road Less Traveled": Lauren Alaina
This song reminds me that I have my own dreams and goals and I don't have to follow other people even though they might be doing the popular thing. I'm making my own road and doing things my own way.

7. "Do I Make You Proud": Taylor Hicks
 This is one of my biggest goals in life to make my family,friends and former teachers/educators proud of me. This song could also be applied to my readers.

Thanks Em for tagging me in this tag. What songs would you say describes your life?

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  1. Ah I'm definitely keen to do this! I also haven't heard of many of these songs so I'll definitely have to give them a listen x

    1. Let me know when you do this tag and I'll check it out :)