Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Hey guys,

Teacher Appreciation week is May 8th to May 12th. Here are some gift ideas that you could give to a teacher in your life (or your child can give to their teacher).

  1. A hand written note from your child saying thank you to their teacher
  2. A flower pot with your child's hand print and the words "Thank you for helping me grow"
  3. Chocolate- Every teacher that I known enjoys chocolate
  4. Gift card to a coffee place to help give them an extra boost in the morning
  5. Gift card to a store like Target, Michael's, etc for needed school supplies
  6. Their favorite snacks
  7. A gift card for a dinner out
  8. A spa basket with relaxing things (lotions,bath bombs)- A great gift after a stressful week or day
  9. A movie gift basket if you know their favorite movie or you can put in a random movie or two along with some candy and popcorn
  10.  Just a simple hug and thank you to their teacher

If you're a teacher, I want to personally thank you for helping the next generations grow. 

<3 Amanda 

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