Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Guest Post- My Beach Bag Essesstials

Hey friends! I'm Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl! I'm the hostess of a blog challenge called Solidarity Sisters! Amanda was one of the participants over the past two months and I'm so happy that she was a part of it! As part of the challenge we talk about engaging on social media, monetizing our blogs, and getting to know other bloggers. In the final week we collaborate a post with each other! So here's my Solidarity Sisters collaboration for Amanda!

With Summer quickly upon us, it's time to go to the beach or pool! Packing your bag for that trip to the beach or the pool can seem like such a huge task! It's really very simple though. There are six essentials that I pack every time.

Beach bag essentials
  1. A beach towel- there are so many varieties of beach towels now! You can get a character, flowers, food, etc. Some of our favorites are my polka dot towel, my Atlanta Braves towel, and my husband's Carolina Panthers towel.
  2. Sunscreen- I have fair skin. Screen is a must for me or I will burn to a bright red. Remember to reapply after swimming and after at least every two hours.
  3. Sunglasses- I have two pairs of sunglasses. One stays in the car and the other is in my purse. I usually end up wearing the pair that is in my purse because the pair that stays in the car is always too hot from being in the car.
  4. A camera- It doesn't matter where we go actually! My camera is always in my purse. When we go to the beach there's always an opportunity for a photo!
  5. A bathing suit cover up- I don't like walking to the beach or pool in just my bathing suit. I'm not self conscious about my body, but I do believe in modesty.
  6. A drink or two- It is VERY important to make sure you don't dehydrate! It gets hot in the summer no matter where you live.
I'm sure there are many other things that you can pack in your beach or pool bag. These are just my favorite things to put in mine! Everyone's needs are different. You may have some essentials that are different from mine! I'd love to hear what you pack in your bag! If you would like to learn more about Solidarity Sisters please email me at rcgg_cate@randomcraftygirl.com We are taking a short break from the challenge for the summer but will be back after Labor Day in September!

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