Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dear 11 Years Old Self

I thought it would be interesting to write a letter to myself at age 11 (I just chose a random age). If you want to write a letter to your past self, you can choose any age that you want to. 

Dear 11 years old Amanda,

I hate to say this but be prepared for some hard times that lay ahead. You friends will gain against you in high school, but you form a new friendship with them after a few years and you all decided to leave the past in the past.  Your mom will be diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease the summer before your sophomore year and that will be a hard thing for you to get used to as she is unable to do a bunch of things that she used to be able to like drive, have legible handwriting and more. Then in your early 20's, your parents will get divorced which really you won't be surprised about as your older brothers and yourself expected it to happen in earlier years, 

Now, the topic of guys and relationships. I can only see so much into the future but your heart will get broken more than once, more than twice, etc. Your first boyfriend will try to make you go to the next step in the relationship and you declined which led to him breaking up with you over text and telling his family a whole different story about the reason why he broke things off. You soon found out after that he has a temper!  You will get engaged to a different boyfriend and the year (actually the month) that you were going to get married, he calls it off, saying his feelings "changed". You will d-find out soon after that he was talking to another girl behind your back.  There will three boyfriends after him,  Then you find a great boyfriend and you end up moving in with him due to personal circumstances at the time. After 4 months,he tells you that he accepted a new career and that you would basically have to go back home for a month due to seeing how everything up there went. After a few days after he won't respond to any communication, you find out that there was never a new job but there was a new girl that he has been seeing for more than just a few weeks. He pretty much ditched you and lied to you face. You were once again cheated on! That was hard for you to deal with. You wondered what was wrong with you that another guy decided to cheat on you. You then started to think positive and that there is a guy out there who is 150%  better than him and that he will treat you like a man should.  Currently, you are still single but you have a crush (actually a big crush) on a guy   that you have been talking to and hanged out with.Great news: he thinks you two are on a good start! Keep being you because he sure seem like he likes you for you.

You will decide to go to an online college and fulfill your dream of early childhood development. You will graduate with your associate's degree and even though it will take you an extra couple of months to complete, you'll go onto your bachelor's degree. Great job being on the Dean's and President's Lists. You will be a great example to all of the kids you help in your future career.

Love, Yourself

What would you tell your younger self?

<3 Amanda  

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