Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Days As An Online College Student


I remember being a child and having my mom not wake me up in the morning for school because we had snow/ice day. I liked having snow/ice days because that meant that I got to sleep in. Now these days, since being out of school for a few years now, I have not have had any snow days obviously. When you're in college at a campus,you do get days off due to the snow or ice but not when you go to an online college as it's all online. That is one of the things that some online college students dislike but when it's bad outside but not too bad to call a snow day, on-campus students still need to go to class. Also, us online college students can pretty much be in leggings and a hoodie and still go to class and be warm. Rather then, being cold in a classroom.

Do you like snow/ice days? If you're a parent, do you hope for snow/ice days or no?

<3 Amanda

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