Saturday, January 7, 2017

End of 2016 Survey

1) Was 2016 a good year?
It was okay, started out crappy, then got better, then got crappy again.

2) What did you accomplish in '16?
Good grades in college.

3) Would you ever change anything that you did?
You do everything for a reason but I'd definitely do things differently if I knew how they would end up.

4) Did you graduate?

Nope, that was in 2009

5) What was your favorite movie of the year?
I only seen one 2016 movie, although not in theaters, but it was Zootopia.

6) Any movies that you hated this year?

7) Go to any Concerts this year?


8) Did you get hooked on any new TV shows?
Nope! Watched This Is Us as I was told it was the new Parenthood but I didn't get into it.

9) Did a new show replace your old favorite?

10) Did you buy any CDS in 2016?

Yes, Lucy Hale's .

11) Got a favorite from the year?

Lucy;s was the only one that I purchased I have to go with hers.

12) Were you on TV or the Radio?


13) Did you see any plays/musicals?


14) Read any good books?


15) What was your favorite Christmas gift?
Hmm..Didn't really have one. My brush straighter (I don't remember the exact name of it).

16) Did you get married?

17) Were you one of those crazy black Friday shoppers?
Nope,I like my sleep!

18) What did you get? 


19) Go trick-or-treating?

Nope, too old.

20) Win the lottery?

Won a few lottery tickets but not the main lottery.

21) Move out of state?

22) Make new friends?
Yes!  :)

23) Get in trouble with the police?


24) Stay up all night?

Who haven't/

25) Loose friends?
Unfortunately, but it wasn't my doing.

26) Learn something new?

27) Spend a lot of money?

28) Waste money?

29) Spend a lot on Christmas Gifts?

Yes, and I shouldn't have due to some ungrateful people

30) Vote for President?

Nope; wouldn't have changed the results anyways.

31) How did you celebrate your birthday?

Home being bored.

32) Did you want to go somewhere but ended up not going there?


33) Did anything Historic happen?

New President got elected..idk.

34) Did you help with any extra-curricular activity's at your High School?


35) Pay over 4 dollars for a gallon of gasoline?


36) Do a spare jobs around the neighborhood to make a little extra coin?

37) How did you spend your new years?
At a friend's house and then home.

38) Did you enjoy the party?

It was fun.

39) What was your best three memories from 16?
1) Made the President's List again 2)Made some new friends 3)Started this blog!

40) Overall was 2016 a good year?

1-10, I would rate 2016 a 6 & a 1/2.

<3 Amanda

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