Monday, March 9, 2020

Easter Basket Ideas For Babies (Newborn-1 year)

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Hey guys,

I'm really excited for Easter this year and that's because it's my son's first Easter. I'm excited to put together his first Easter basket,which I will show in another blog post. Since babies are so little and can't have much candy-wise, I thought it would be fun to give you all some ideas that you could put in your baby's Easter Basket.

1. Summer items- Things for the beach or possibly for an upcoming vacation
2. Books -Could either be books to add to baby's library or bath books
3. Toys
4. New bottles/sippy cups
5. New outfits
6. Some Puffs
7. Teethers
8. Snacks- Like goldfish,crackers, cheerios, rice cakes,apple sauce, etc.
9. New pacifiers
10. A new blanket
11. Bows
12. Shoes/ Sandals
13. Utensils- Forks/spoons
14. Plates/Bowls
15. Bibs
16. Diapers/wipes/formula- Babies won't care about getting the necessaries for Easter, they'll probably like the boxes more
17. Candy- Yes, babies can't eat candy yet like chocolate but that's one of the joys of having children. Until they can, you (as the parent) can eat the candy they get for holidays

What are you going to be putting in your baby's/child's Easter Basket?

<3 Amanda

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