Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Things I Learned After Giving Birth

Hey guys,

When you become pregnant ,you (at least I did) start googling things about being pregnant and actually going through the birthing process and after. If you have done that or currently doing that, it's okay. It's good to do your own research but if you're really worried about something, the best person to ask is your OBYGN. I'm just gonna tell you what I have learned after giving birth to the current. I only gave birth to one baby vaginally, so what I learned might be totally different to a woman who had a C-Section or a woman who had multiples.

1. Every woman and pregnancy is different.  There are different types of births: vaginally, C-Section, home birth, water birth, unassisted, unmedicated. etc.  But I want you all to know that no matter how you deliver your baby, you are strong and you did it. I know the pain hurts, but in the end it's all worth it seeing your cute baby!

2. The epidural wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. I'm the type of person who hates getting poked by a needle/getting their blood drawn. That's something that I have improved with after my pregnancy because you are going to get your blood drawn more than just a few times, and then when you deliver most likely you'll get an IV in your arm. 

The worst part of getting the epidural is that I had a contraction right when he was putting it in my spine but I had an amazing nurse who helped me breathe through the pain. And also after giving birth, the tape that they used for the epidural has to come off one way or another. I think them taking the tape off my back was worse than getting the actual epidural (probably because I wasn't paying attention to it as I was breathing through the contraction). One thing that I highly recommend, and this is what I didn't do because I would be more freaked out about the epidural is do not look at the needle.

3. I tore during delivering my son, and I read that if you get the epidural and tear during delivering then the epidural will help numb that area a little bit so you won't feel them stitching you up. Well, I have to say that I felt them stitching me up even though I did get the epidural. I remember laying there holding my son on my chest and crying, for (1) I was really happy and blessed that my son was here and (2) because the stitching hurt. Everyone was asking me what I was wrong because I was pretty much sobbing. I was just really happy and I told them that plus I was saying "Ow" when she was stitching me up.

4.If you're like me, you might pass out after delivery. They have you try to go to the restroom after having your baby and I remember pulling the "help" string and the next thing I knew I was waking up in a wheelchair surrounded by like 10 nurses. I'm glad I was smart and pulled it alerting them and not them finding me on the floor. I was told that it was most likely due to losing more blood than my body was used to as this was my first pregnancy. If I'm ever blessed to be pregnant again, I'm definitely going to mention this to my obygn so that they are aware of what happened when I delivered my son.

5. I learned that there was an ultrasound machine that can tell if your bladder is full or not. I kept saying that I didn't feel the need to go but apparently the ultrasound machine was telling the nurse that it was full. True fact- I almost had to get a catheter and I'm really glad I didn't have to get one after delivering my son.

6. Everyone talks about the postpartum underwear and how they aren't really a fan. I honesty liked them that I asked for extras to take home. 

7. I read that after you give birth you still get contractions especially if you breastfeed. I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't get any "contractions" after giving birth but I was told that some women get them and some don't.

8. I didn't realize that there are so many people coming in your room throughout the day. You get your nurses, doctor, social worker, Birth certificate worker, breastfeeding consultant, photographer, the anesthesiologist, your baby's pediatrician (or at least the hospital's),and probably more that I can't name off.

9. The doctor who delivered my son gave me some prescriptions. But I didn't go get them because I never needed them. The only pain I had was if I walked too much or if I was on my feet to much during the day and then I would be sore down there, but I just took Tylenol and it seemed to help.

10. The hospital food was actually pretty good!

<3 Amanda 

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