Tuesday, March 3, 2020

New YouTubers March 2020 Pt. 1

Hey guys,

One of the things I do to relax either when my son is taking a nap or down for the night, and I just allow myself to have time for me, I watch YouTube (especially moms' or family channels). These are just some new YouTubers I started watching recently. You should definitely check out all of these YouTubers and their channels.

Life As We Gomez: This family consists of parents: Marcos and Chelsea, and their four children, Ty, Hallie, Livvy and Stella. They posts videos like: vlogs, about holidays,grocery hauls, recipes, cook with me's and more. You can follow them at their other social medias; Facebook and Instagram.

Putting Them First: This YouTuber's name is Lauren and she's a first year first grade teacher. In my opinion, she looks like a pretty fun teacher to have. If you're about to become a teacher, you should check out her classroom set up videos, and she also does week in my life vlogs as being a teacher. Check out her Instagram as well!

The Arnold Sisters: The Arnold sisters consists of Lindsay, Jensen, Brynley, and Rylee. I personally only knew of Lindsay and Rylee because of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), so it's nice to learn about their other sisters as well.  I like how close they are with one another and if I had a sister I would hope that would be us as well.  Throughout their videos, you can see all of their different personalities.  They post challenges, Q and A's and much more. You should check their channel out!  Also as well as their other social medias:

Rylee: Instagram 

Our Life In Holland: This family consists of parents: Justin and Lindsay, and their children Turin, Ashton, Landon and Ava. They post challenges, vlogs and more! They are apart of the Bingham family and like their other family members' they also have a YouTube channel. You might have heard of their families' channels (This Is How We Bingham, Jared and Britt, Dan And Chelle, and Sean Bingham). You should check out Our Life In Hollands' other social medias: Instagram, Facebook and Blog.

Alexa Paige: Alexa is a young YouTuber who I have been enjoying learning more about. She's currently engaged and going to school to become a teacher. I can see how dedicated, determined and motivated she is to become a teacher. She looks like she would be a fun teacher to have. You can follow her through her Instagram and Pinterest as well.

<3 Amanda 

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