Friday, March 6, 2020

Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up Haul

Hey guys,

I like grocery shopping but I don't really like actually going especially because when I go I tend to throw random items into the cart and go off my list. When I heard of the Wal-mart pickup, I decided to give it a try. For one, I wouldn't have to go grocery shop.They would do all of the shopping for me. And two, I wouldn't be able to go off of my list and come home with things that weren't on my list. This past Thursday, I did a Wal-Mart pick-up and I decided to do a grocery haul. Are there anything in my haul that you also purchase? *DISCLAIMER: This probably looks like a lot of food for just me and my (almost) 8 month old, but I live with my mom and younger brother, so I share with them for the most part. I'll be posting a haul of food and snacks for my son soon*

Some staples are chicken, ice cream , hot pockets, bird eye and vegetables. You can make so much with chicken (chicken, chicken wraps, chicken salad and more). Hot pockets, pizza rolls and Bird Eye Voila are easy lunches and dinners.  I'm not really a breakfast person but I decided to pick up the Great Value Pancake/sausage things like corn dogs. They are okay. I think I say only okay, because like I said I'm not really a big breakfast person. 

I forgot to include these in the frozen items picture. I picked these up for my almost 8 month old since he's starting to try out new foods. 


I ordered a good amount of greens and cheese this month (salad, spinach, shredded lettuce, sliced cheese, cheese cubes and two different kinds of string cheese). I also chose two types of lunch meat and what I normally would do since they come in a two pack is put one in the fridge and the other in the freezer.  You can never go wrong with some chocolate chip cookies!


I know that this looks like a lot for 1 month but you have to remember that I live with my younger brother and mom and for the majority I share with them. Do you have a favorite flavor of Oreo's? Mine is birthday cake. I added goldfish to our list this month because I'm curious to see what my son will think of them.


Again, I won't eat all of the pop tarts this month or yet by myself. I only had strawberry and cherry flavors so I needed to stock up on the S'Mores and Chocolate Fudge flavors, so they most likely won't be on my grocery list for next month. The muffins are little so it's a good treat for my son. I never had the strawberry donuts before. I tried them and they aren't bad.


I have been liking the Flatouts mainly just because it's different from bread. I also got two loaves of bread and hamburger buns which I put in the freezer since we already had a loaf of bread open. 


I like having ketchup on hand especially because it's my favorite condiment. I haven't bought Velveeta Mac/Cheese lately so I chose the four pack; they are good for a quick lunch/dinner, along with soup and ravioli. The packets of mashed potatoes are really quick and easy to make,just heat up water and then pour the contents in and stir!


I probably won't make all three this month, so I'll have them on hand for next month!


Again, all of this won't be drank by the next time I do the grocery pick-up. The water will probably be the only thing that will be gone because I try to drink at least one a day, and tend to drink more than that a day. I like having Powerade on hand because sometimes I'll get headaches and drinking powerade will help it go away.

<3 Amanda 

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