Sunday, March 15, 2020

First Easter Basket 2020

Hey guys,

While we are dealing with the Coronavirus all around the world, my viewpoint is that although right now is rough you always have to look towards the future and things that makes you happy. I don't recall who said this quote but "Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever." This quote has helped me a lot in the past,especially in past relationships. Before I show more close up pictures of the items in my son's (he'll be turning 9 months shortly after Easter) 1st Easter basket, I want to have a disclaimer. I know he's young and can't consume candy quite yet but I wanted to keep a tradition of what I put in his basket each Easter (and I'll just eat the candy as that's parents' jobs right?!).

This is his Easter Basket for this year. I might keep using this one and get a more structured one that I could use each year in the upcoming years but this one is okay for now since he won't even be one yet, so he won't mind. 

I think any kind of "egg" shaped with candy in it is needed for an Easter Basket. There doesn't really need to particularly be jelly beans inside. I just chose Sour Patch Kids, Starburst and a KinderJoy, although I thought I read previously that KinderJoy eggs were banned somewhere.

Chocolate is always a good choice so I chose a cookies n' cream bunny, a chocolate sucker and I'm pretty sure the chocolates that are in the bunny (lying down) are just Hershey type m&m's.

If I recall correctly, these were the chocolates that we had in our baskets growing up. Hershey's and Reese's are always a yummy treat!

Cotton candy is a nice extra treat. You can choose which color container to get. You can give your child(ren) their favorite color or just give them a random color as it taste the same anyways. Giving them their favorite color,tho, lets them know that you pay attention and notice what their favorite color is.

I, of course, had to include some snacks that my son loves. He loves his Puffs, Yogurt Melts and Lil' Crunchies. As the years go on, I'll add his favorite snacks that he has at that time so his basket is unique to him.

<3 Amanda 

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