Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Haul

I wasn't familiar with Boxed. com but then I started reading about it and how people liked it,so I was like "I'll give it a try". I ended up liking it and I can see why many people like it. Here's my haul from :


Swiss MissHot Cocoa Mix
Milk Chocolate 60 x 0.73 oz$6.99(Wal-mart: $4.07 plus shipping)

IZZESparkling Juice
Variety Pack 24 x 8.4 oz$16.49(No variety pack at Wal-mart)

Hershey'sMilk Chocolate Bars
36 Count$22.99(Wal-mart: $29.95; with almonds; plus shipping)
Kellogg'sPop-Tarts Toaster PastriesStrawberry + Brown Sugar Cinnamon 48 Count$9.99(At Wal-mart for $10.51 plus shipping)

Kellogg'sRice Krispies Treats
Variety Pack 54 Count$12.49(Couldn't find a 54pk at Wal-mart, but 40 pk is $21.24)
Pop Secret
Premium Popcorn
Movie Theater Butter30 Count$11.99(At Wal-mart for $27.52 -free shipping)
Mint Variety
16 Count$12.49(Couldn't find mint variety at Wal-mart)
Frosted Mini Wheats
70 oz$8.99(No available at Wal-mart)
Clean & ClearOil Absorbing Sheets
3 x 50 Count$13.99(At wal-mart: $17.59)

ImodiumMulti-Symptom Relief
Diarrhea Plus 60 Count$14.99($18.39 at Wal-mart)

Band-AidAdhesive Bandages
Variety Pack 280 Count$11.99($12.24 at Wal-mart)

St. IvesApricot Scrub
Fresh Skin 2 x 6 oz$6.49($3.48 plus shipping at Wal-mart)

Prince & SpringLiquid Hand Soap
Multi pack 4 x 7.5 oz$4.99(Not available at Wal-mart)

Forever Stamps
100 Count$46.75
Total spent:  $186.62 (including no shipping, $15 discount)Total saved: $64.99 PLUS $15=$79.99
<3 Amanda 

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