Thursday, November 10, 2016

Updated What's In My Shower

I decided to do an updated what's in my shower as I use different products now.  Before I show you what products I use, does anyone have any favorite face wash as I'm looking for a new brand?  Please leave the brand now below in the comments.

I have been going back and fourth between these two brands (Yes, I used all of the Herbal Essences conditioner). 

Garnier Fruitis: Fortifying Shampoo, Triple Nutrition  (for dry and/or damaged hair)
Garnier Fruitis: Fortifying Conditioner, Triple Nutrition  (for dry and/or damaged hair)

Herbal Essence: Hello Hydration Shampoo

Olay: Ultra Moisture in Vanilla Indulgence (Used with a luffa)

I still use the same brand of razor and shaving cream. I don't remember the brand of the razor but the shaving cream is EOS shave cream: Pomegranate Raspberry.

Before putting hair detangler in my hair, I sometimes put a little of  Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil as it makes it easier to brush my hair.

I know these are for kids but they have always worked for my hair. The top picture is Kids Spray-On Detangler in Watermelon but I'm running out of it so I had to get another bottle which is kind of the same thing but called Fresh Monster Kids Hair Detangler,also in Watermelon.  The only difference is that the Fresh Monster is Toxic Free, and I' not sure if that is the reason why I sneeze mostly every time I spray it in my hair.

You,of course, have to put deodorant after you get out of the shower and the brand that I use is called Lady Speed Stick:Invisible Dry.

The brand of hair bush that I use is Conair ( You can barely read the brand)..

And then lastly, some of the times after I take a shower I put lotion on and I go back and fourth with these two brands: Jergen's Original Scent and EOS Hand and Body Lotion.

Again, if you have any recommendations for a face wash, please comment below.

<3 Amanda 

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