Monday, March 27, 2017

Bummed Out!


Hey guys,

I know I already posted for today but I needed to get this out. I could honestly cry right now. I was working on tying to make my blog better and I accidentally deleted my blog post titled "Epilepsy Awareness Day - Purple Day". It was one of my favorite posts, not only because it had around 92 views on it but because those 92 people read about Epilepsy and were educated about Epilepsy. 

I write posts about cancers,diseases, etc. because I like spreading awareness to them as I feel like people should be educated about them and because I have family and friends who have been affected by them. I know I can write posts like that one again.  I may be sad right now but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up; I'm NOT quitting!!! 

<3 Amanda

Update: My blog post titled "Epilepsy Awareness Day - Purple Day" is now back up!  :)

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