Thursday, March 2, 2017

Favorite YouTubers Pt. 1

Hey guys,

If you're like me, you watch YouTube channels and have a list of your favorite YouTubers. My favorite YouTubers are not included in the same niches. They consists of all different types of vlogs and that's what makes them unique. People might go on YouTube and watch videos because they are bored and need something to do, but with me watching YouTubers makes me happy because I try to watch their vlogs everyday (that is if they daily vlog). You should check out the YouTubers below if you're in the hunt for new YouTubers to watch.

Kathryn Ann (YouTube ChannelKathryn is a great YouTuber and you can definitely see how much she strives for her goals. She is a nursing student and you can see through her videos how much she puts into studying. In my opinion, I think she'll be a great nurse because I can sense though her videos that she's a nice ,caring, kind and compassionate person. She's currently engaged to her fiance, Ty. They make a cute couple, and her dog,Mila, is adorable.

AlyssaAllDay (YouTube Channel): Alyssa has a YouTube channel with her husband, Charlie and their two cute little daughters,Delilah and Winter. Alyssa is a full-time nursing student and Charlie is in a band. Something that they talk about in their vlogs is that their daughter Delilah, has Chiari Malformation Type 1.5 and Syringomyelia.  Even though they have tough days, they are a strong family and Delilah is a very strong little girl.  Alyssa also has YouTube channel called Alyssa Presley.

Nat and Wes (and the Rest!) (YouTube Channel): This family is adorable.  Natalie and Weston are a cute couple who has two adorable twin boys, named Liam and Judah. They are expecting a little baby girl early April. Natalie has her own channel at Natalie Bennett.

Jess and Gabriel (YouTube Channel):  Gabe and Jess are a recently newly married couple, and they make a cute couple They are actually new parents... to a little puppy named Milo. One thing that they love is coffee.

Tannerites (YouTube Channel): The Tannerites are a family vloggers.  The parents are Johnny and Sarah. Their kids are Branson, Allie, Daniell ,Savannah, Lizzy,  Az and  Canyon . Johnny and Sarah are awesome parents,in my opinion. Branson is actually going France on a Mission. Sarah in my opinion is such a strong person. She has beat Cancer!!!

Austin & Jess Vlogs ( YouTube Channel): Austin and Jess are also a newly married couple. They have two cute dogs,Stella, and Maple. They are a good channel to watch if you need some cheering up.

Stay tune to more posts about my favorite YouTubers and who know, maybe they will become one of your favorites as well.

<3 Amanda 

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