Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Teachers YouTubers

Hey guys,

I know I recently just posted about YouTubers but I wanted to mainly focus on this post specifically on teachers who has a YouTube channel and show us how their lives are as a teacher, their tips, and etc. for those who are or are wanting to go into the education field. I really like watching these channels as I'm currently going for my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Development so even though they might teach higher grades, they still give great tips and advice.

A Classroom Diva (YouTube Channel): Jessica is a third grade teacher. From what I have seen from her channel is that she is a great teacher and she really cares for her students. She share tips, hauls,tags, vlogs and more.  She has a blog , Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. You should really check out her social medias and follow her!

The Lettered Classroom (YouTube Channel): Bridget is a 4th Grade ELA Teacher in Pennsylvania. Same as Jessica above, I can see how much she is dedicated to her students. She also have 2 boys of her own. On her channel, she posts DITLS (of a teacher),Vlogs, Q and A's, tips and more. You should really check out her other social media sites; Instagram, Facebook,  Teacher Pay Teacher(TPT),Bloglovin and Blog and Store.

Pocketful of Primary (YouTube Channel): Michelle is a 2nd grade teacher from Maryland. She is also a very dedicated teacher, She posts hauls,Giveaways,  Q and A's and also has some great tips. She also has other social media sites; Instagram, Facebook page, Pinterest, Blog and Teacher Pay Teacher (TPT).

Toocoolformiddleschool blog (YouTube Channel): Megan is a middle school teacher and she teaches History and English.  She was the leader for the drama club and now is the leader of the human rights club.  She has a really adorable son, Jenson! You should check out her other social media sites. They are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,and Teacher Pay Teacher (TPT).

Again, if you are going into or looking into going into the education field, you should definitely check out their ladies YouTube Channels and other social media accounts.

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