Wednesday, March 22, 2017

St. Patrick Day 2017 Recap


This St. Patrick's Day I was staying at my boyfriend's house for a few days. On St. Patrick's Day, he goes drinking with his group of friends mostly beginning at 8am (I know, crazy right? I'm still sleeping at 8am). He woke up, went to breakfast with friends and then went to the bar.  I on the other hand woke up around 11am,got ready(of course,I wore a green shirt) and then texted him around 2pm saying that I was ready to go so he came ad grabbed me and we went back to the bar where his friends were. His friends after a while left and the people who were left were: my boyfriend, his 2 cousins,  his cousin's husband and myself. 

We then left bars, but not before we stopped at his cousin and her husband's house. We lyfted to a different bar which had a wait so we went to a different bar down the street. At that time, my boyfriend's cousin met up with us and also her date as well.  We stayed at that bar for a few hours and then decided to leave. We again used Lyft (as we are safe people).  We ended up at a bar close to my boyfriend's house. It was packed (obviously since it was St. Patrick's Day) so we all (6 of us) sat packed in a booth. We were there for awhile until my boyfriend, his cousin, her date and myself went back to my boyfriend (and cousin's house). Again, we were safe and requested a lyft. When we got back to the house, we all hung out and drank wine ( it was really fun socializing with them). After awhile, we all went to bed.

Some things you might be wondering is what did I drink. Well, I ordered water since I'm more of a wine person than a beer person but I did try some of my boyfriend's beer.  Second, did they all get their cars? In the morning my boyfriend urbered to his car and later that afternoon, we drove his cousin and her date to where their cars were. With it being my first St. Patrick's Day out,I had a fun time!

What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? Did you remember to wear green or did you get pinched?

<3 Amanda

Update-I'm no longer with this boyfriend 

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