Monday, March 6, 2017

Online Dating


Hey guys,

The topic of online dating is a very controversial to some people. For me, the way that I was introduced to the topic of online dating was one day one of my brothers was like "Why don't you try online dating?" I was like "Why not?"  I remember being on the site since like 6 in the morning sending messages, responding to messages and blocking people. I don't remember exactly how long, I met the first guy (my first boyfriend). We were together for I want to say less then 2 months and then he tried to pull something which I didn't want at that time, and he ended things through a text. He told his family this fake story and then I told them the real story and all they did was make excuses for him. 

The next guy I was with was because of a mutual friend and we were together for almost 3 year (actually engaged) but then he suddenly said that his feelings changed and ended the relationship. I then started talking to a guy on Facebook that I used to talk to on the dating site and we were together almost 2 months until I decided to end things. He was adding girls on Facebook that looked like porn stars and in the end I realized that all he was after was sex. I told him how I was feeling but he didn't care.

The next boyfriend that I had things ended the best. We ere together for about 2 months when we mutually ended things. Mutual breakups are the best way to go if that is possible. We both knew that we would be better off just as friends. So, my next ex was a jerk (actually all of my exes have been jerks except for one). We were together for not even 2 weeks and then I noticed on Facebook that he changed my nickname,so I asked him and he said something like "I need to work on me. You wouldn't understand".

My last ex was a major jerkface (that is me being polite as possible). I moved in with him very quickly on but we had some personal circumstances at the time. December would have been our 4 month, but he decided to make this fake story up about how he got a new job like 8 hours away and they wanted to see how everything went before I moved as well. So, one day, I moved back in with my mom, and since that night I have never talked to hi again. He ditched me at my mom's. I tried texting ,emailing and calling him. He blocked me and my family on Facebook. I found out through a friend that had assess to his Facebook that there were pictures of him with another girl and that he was cheating on me even before I moved back in with my mom. He probably thought "Crap, I need to get rid of Amanda somehow and ditch her somewhere."

I met my boyfriend through one of the online dating sites and I'm really happy. He's really amazing. We actually just had our 1 month together. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. He ended up breaking up with me though text.

If you're on online dating sites, please be careful as there are some strange people out there. And if you don't feel safe on a date, call/text someone to come get you or leave. 

<3 Amanda 

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